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A great prompt from @littlemiso ❤️ I miss being cozy in a kotatsu (a heated table in Japan), last time was in 2003! If I ever buy a bigger place to live I'd love to have one. #whatshouldniinadraw #hobonichi #illustration #ink #drawing
Look at this sweet face! I'm happy today because....(drumroll).....I finally got a date for my surgery!!! It will be on the 27th of September. It should fix the reason I've been sick for so long (although it's an incurable disease so it has a chance of coming back). I've made a separate Insta account where I can freely talk/rant about my illness so that I don't have to subject you all to it! Feel free to follow me @stomieandi but be warned it's TMI and will potentially have confronting medical type photos in the future so if you get grossed out easily, don't follow me!
Kitties from @sambellina_yellow , lakeside sunset by @sevenswanson (the circle on the face was supposed to be a rosy cheek but I messed up and it looks weird), and a "yuru character" by @ricosgraphicboutique (it means a mascot character in Japan) #whatshouldniinadraw #hobonichi #illustration #ink #sketch
@michellemackintosh sure knows what I like 😍 this cutie postcard arrived yesterday from Michelle's travels to Japan. Thank you Michelle, you really know how to make my day! #snailmail #postcard #cat
This cute prompt from @bethiibee became one of my favourites! At first I was thinking "how the hell am I going to draw this??" but once I got the image in my head it came out really cute. #whatshouldniinadraw #hobonichi #illustration #ink #sketch #japan
Do you guys remember my illustration prompt project #whatshouldniinadraw ? Probably not it was a while ago lol. Over the past few days I've actually had the urge to draw again! I was so burnt out by my #50catsofperth project in 2015 I lost the motivation to be arty. But it's coming back and it actually takes my mind off being ill, even if it's just for a little bit. Anyway, these three were prompted by @elliusagi and if you zoom in you can read what her prompts were. #illustration #hobonichi #ink #sketch
Oops I'm a day late to #internationalcatday I hope everyone was cuddling their cats or patting random cats 😊 What you see in the photo is a super rare moment with Panko - cuddling in bed under the covers! He normally doesn't even cuddle but this winter it's been pretty chilly (for perth!) so he must like the extra warmth. Normally I would love this but I wish he would move lol I'm having an ouchy tummy day and he is leaning on the sore part of my colon 😭 it's a bit much when added to the rest of the Crohn's non-intestinal pain I'm in. BUT I won't push him away because he's my baby. I can handle the pain if it means we get to cuddle 💖
Cat in the box! Much cuter than Jack right? #illustration #art #cat #ink
Since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease my mama has shuttled me to countless appointments and visited me multiple times in the hospital. Happy Mother's Day to the best mama 💖💖 (also just wanted to show off how beautiful she is and how cute I was haha!)
I have so little energy that I dread the days I need to wash my hair. It really wipes me out and I was getting annoyed at how long it would take to wash and dry it. So what do I do? I get my husband to cut it short for me lol We studied a lot of YouTube videos and at first I didn't think it was going to look good but he did a super job! Now washing my hair is a little bit easier for me 😊
Thank you everyone for all your support on my last post 😘 All your love gives me more fight ❤️
I haven't posted in a while so here's a little update! Panko is as cute as ever as you can see from this photo 😍 And I am still sick. Sicker actually 😔 I just spent 5 days in hospital and although I feel a bit better I am still very sick. My medications don't seem to be working and I'm a bit scared. I'm not sure what will happen but I just want this horrible journey to be over. I am so sick of being sick!!