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  Posted: May 28, 2012 7:12 AM FEED
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@kaijah says, "Skate or die." o_O? A bit hard core, huh?

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“If it ain’t XO then it gotta go.”; Conrad surprised me with tickets to see my favorite artist. I have never experienced that fan girl feeling until I’ve heard The Weeknd. I’ve listened to Abel ever since his YouTube days & I can never get over it. Regardless of how many times I’ve seen him, climbed over a wall just to hug him, took videos of him in his meet & greets when it wasn’t allowed, & screamed on the top of my lungs for him, Conrad was always there to support me fan girl over him. I love you, Conrad. Thank you for surprising me again.
The loss is unmeasurable but so is the love left behind.; Today makes exactly one week from the tragic shooting at Route 91. Conrad & I gave our condolences at the Las Vegas sign today. 58 crosses were made for each person that has past away & I can’t explain the feeling on seeing this ongoing row of them. @cu2raaad #vegasstrong #route91harvest #lasvegassign
Aren’t you juice the cutest?; Brunch with my mother & Kleng Kleng at The Grand Wailea Resort & Spa.
Are those chopsticks or are you just happy to sashimi?; Poke with one of my favorite cousins, Vaneka.
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 3:14 AM
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Home is where mom is.; Early morning walk with my mom.; Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
If two people are in love nothing is impossible, except deciding where to eat.; Foodie Fest
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 2:19 AM
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"We create the reality in which we live." - James Turrell. I've waited several months just to see this art installation & it was worth every moment of it. The lighting & structure were incredible & it seemed like an infinite room you could just fall into.
Hey boo, let's get sweet faced.; My favorite month is here & I can't wait to do all the Halloween stuff. I'm in the process of making my costume & decorating the house. I've made each costume in all of these photos. I'm grateful for all the prizes I've won from costume contests' such as winning a trip to Jamaica, a penthouse suite from the Real World show, money, & etc. Thank you to all my friends & family for always supporting me when I compete.
I stare at him like he's a sky full of stars.; We haven't eaten starfruit in forever. I remember as a kid, climbing up my nana & tatas wall to get on the roof, just so I could pick starfruit from the trees. It brought back so much memories.; Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.
Roses are red, dirt is brown, let's go hiking & get out of town.; Jungle River tubing & a private zip line tour throughout this beautiful rainforest.; Cranbrook Rainforest, Jamaica.
Donut forget that I love you.; Made a huge donut diaper cake for our good friends, Sid & Andy. They had a donut baby shower & it was the sweetest. We can't wait to meet the twins!
You make me high as a giraffes ass.; Bob Marleys birth & resting place. Conrad & I explored Bobs room, sat on his meditation rock, & touched Bob & his moms burial tombstone.; Nine Mile, Jamaica. Saint Ann Parish. @cu2raaad
Everyday is leg day when you're running away from your problems.; Dunns River, Jamaica @cu2raaad #jamaica #dunnsriverfalls #ochorios
Are you a sea lion? Cuz I sea you lion on my bed.; Montego Bay, Jamaica @cu2raaad #jamaica #montegobay
We just got Mooned.; Solar Eclipse 2017.
Today is your day. All the other days are mine. Happy birthday to the person that I fan girl over. I should be considered as a creeper for staring at your face so much. You should've filed a sexual harassment report since I'm always trying to grab your booty. I love you so much, Conrad. Happy birthday, stud. Celebrating his birthday by hiking The Narrows at Mount Zion.