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  Posted: May 28, 2012 4:22 AM FEED
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Day 25: {unusual} ... The fact my momma is still awake at 11:20pm. She's knocking wedding projects out right and left! #shesabeast #photoadaymay

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Enjoyed a little homecoming football today in Scooba.
Hold up. I'm lying. Truth is, I enjoyed watching Ms.Thang enjoying football more than I did the actual game. Girlfriend likes to holler at the field. Loud and proud.😆 #everyonelovescarolyn #ilikedthehomecomingdressestoo💃🏼
Two cups of coffee, one hour, fifty-one minutes and fifty-three seconds later and we had covered:
How she has ruined movies and "other things" by blurting out info to the point that she has gained the new nickname "Spoiler Alert" • That she is pretty sure armadillos are related to the pigs. • How the flock of turkeys that walked across our front yard while we were talking "must not be aware of who lives inside and speaking of such, why isn't turkey season in November when you really need one for your thanksgiving dinner." • Her menu for the weekend and how proud/impressed we are of her getting back in the kitchen lately. Which led to her digging in the freezer for some sausage for her red beans that I reminded her to check the expiration date to which she replied "oh It can't be old." To which I replied "um. Oh yes it can. Less we forget the ranch dressing incident." • How when discussing a certain something we weren't seeing eye to eye on she replied "Look, I'm 74 years old. I know some things." • Followed not much later by "a/c's have little brains." • The perils of having to actually go to the mall to buy our hairspray. • Rude sales people • The sweet stories of those we know who found out later in life they had a sibling they never knew about. • Which led to some very scandalous family stories that can't be mentioned • Nick's secret ingredient of his cole slaw which also can't be mentioned. • How having garage sales are sometimes just not worth all the trouble. That sometimes you just gotta haul that junk off and be done with it. And how good it feels when you do. • The power of forgiveness and how a root of bitterness spreads when we choose not to. And how it doesn't hurt the other person but hurts us the most. (See mom. I was listening) • and last but not least....what God's grace looks like in her day to day life. 🙌🏻#saturdayphonedateswithmomma
Confession. I'm a sucker for any place with twinkle lights. They just woo me right on in.✨ Fortunately tho, the coffee here was nice too.
When you were planning a quiet evening at home but then you get happy mail from a sweet friend in the form of a dreamy embroidered dress and you shift gears and holler, "Get dressed Daddy. We stepping out tonight." 💃🏼 #honeyandthepreacher #wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear #bitohoneystyle
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 3:51 PM
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Growing up I was not known as the "pretty girl." I was rather what the world would call homely. I was as tall as I am now in the 6th grade & I shopped in the husky section at TG&Y. I wore thick glasses, had hair that was thin & stringy & a gap between my two front teeth the size of Rhode Island.
But honestly, I never really felt "ugly" growing up. Probably because of parents who always made me feel secure/pretty. Idk. (even though I grew up hearing my mom tell the story of how when I was a baby I looked like this person named Nikita Khrushchev. I always assumed Nikita was a beautiful Russian lady. Imagine my shock & dismay when in 5th grade social studies I discovered Nikita was actually an old fat bald man with several chins.😱😶😆) I did however have beautiful cousins who made my ugly duckling status more noticeable to me at times. Not on purpose. They were kind and fun and I adored being with them. They were just above average beautiful that made my homeliness stand out when I was in their presence.

But somewhere along the way, I got braces, contact lens, my first perm & can of Aqua net, & began to "blossom" a bit. And thus began my new journey on this "road to beauty." .

A few potholes, dead ends, cabbage soup diets, & body suit blouses that snap in the crotch later, I met Jesus & began to dig in His word. And I began to "blossom" some more. Except this time it was on the inside. Which totally had an affect on my outside.
Y'all, there is no wrinkle cream that can beat the joy of the Lord in a woman's life. When we have confidence & contentment of knowing who we are in Him, it's a type of beauty that never fades. It doesn't go out of style. In fact it just makes us even prettier with each passing year.
There are quite a few morals to this story, but I'll leave you with this. Some people are swans. Some people are ducks. They both are created beautiful. Just different. And if your own momma says you looked like a fat, double chinned, bald Russian politician partly responsible for the Cold War, that will only teach you how to laugh at yourself in the days to come....which is a really good virtue to have. #thanksmom #beyourownbeautiful
Posted: Oct 20, 2017 2:01 AM
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Heads up to all of my artsy, creative, bible lovin friends. My soul sister, @sheilaatchleydesigns is teaching another online class that is gonna be something special. (Watch the vid if you don't believe me 👆🏼) You can go to her feed to get all the details but I do know that tomorrow is the last day for early bird registration. So go treat yourself.... Enrich your soul and stretch your gifts and soak up some FUN. .
Love you Sheila! Girl, you are making ripples in eternity and it's beautiful to behold. 🙌🏻
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 7:50 PM
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When you wearing the slightly stained top half of vintage Chinese pajamas that you scored at thrift store for $1.50 but you feel like a million bucks. 💃🏼#wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear #bitohoneystyle
My mom. And the fact that it was my daddy behind the lens makes me love it a 1000x more. 💘 #goals
Whenever he says "Come on pretty momma. Take a ride with me", you better believe I stop whatever I'm doing and go. I'll take a pile of unfolded clothes still sitting on my kitchen table any day in exchange for making a memory with him that will last a lifetime. #priorities #maketimeforyourman #honeyandthepreacher #myforeverboyfriend
The perks of being the cook....samplings. 😍
Also, my year long quest for the perfect spoon rest has ended. Thanks @thefreckledhenfarmhouse for that. 👊🏻 As for the very loved and very broken in pot holders... sorry, they can't be found in stores. Handmade years ago by two cutie pie nieces.💛
One for the car. One for my nightstand. One for my purse. One for the kitchen. And one for the top of my head.
My Dollar Tree haul yesterday. I'm probably way more excited than what I should be. #itsthelittlethings #nomorehuntingforglasses #ihope #canigetanamen
Thank you @ilovedirtcheap for making all my hair dreams come true.✨ Best dolla twenty five I ever spent. 👊🏻 #imaynevertakeitoff #forreals
Posted: Oct 18, 2017 1:23 PM
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Second morning to drink my coffee with the windows open. The birds are chirping, a breeze is blowing, and somewhere in the distance I'm almost certain I hear some angels with southern accents singing the hallelujah chorus.🙌🏻 #itsfinallyfallyall
This sky. The people inside. Feasting on God's word. Yummy leftovers for lunch. A four hour nap lying next to my favorite person on the planet. Refreshed and filled up. Ready to be pour out again. Sunday. #graceupongrace #humbling #grateful
I love those slow Saturday's when you have your house all clean AND you have somewhere really fun to go later. #itsthelittlethings #honeys💛house
So I took a little break from getting my monthly fixes from @stitchfix but then I went and got a hankering for one. My stylist, Catherine, hit it out the park with everything she sent me. #girlfriendknowsmewell This dress was my favorite. It's like Paradise Island Amazon princess meets seventies flower child....😍😍
I put the link in my profile if you're curious about it or interested in getting a fix for yourself. Of course you can always go to my blog to read about it there. Just dust off the cobwebs. It's been a while since I posted anything new. 😬 (honey Holden dot blogspot dot com) #wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear #bitohoneystyle
Because it's Friday.

And because I miss her. (and her siblings)

And because I thought we could all use a lil #dailydoseofhazeljane 💛
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 3:53 PM
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It's finally feeling a lil bit like Fall around here. So #dianaofporterville had to dress for the occasion. 💛