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Had to post it i dont care.

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Thanks to @fxckcancer for the new gear and the care package. Gonna wear with pride!!!!!!!!!! #fxckcancer
Back in hospital due to lack of eating. Due to black tongue. Trying to get back to normal. #fxckcancer @fxckcancer
My pic from my room in icu . Fucken sucks miss my wife and
d family.
One of the coolest dude i have met in my life he works with @dyin2live and @fxckcancer this brother is mostly on the road and away from his family to help us cancer fighters have a great time and experience at concerts. Thank you again @fxckcancer me and my wife had a blast and I will never forget meeting eric and phil two down to earth guys who back us up during our fight. #fxckcancer #dyin2live @fxckcancer @dyin2live # wewontstopfighting #builtnottofail #soulofalionheartofawarrior
@theofficialrobzombie watching airheads and just live this song. Would of loved to see u guys perform in dallas when we met u guys. Symptom got worse and had to leave. Was great the guys from @fxckcancer gave me the opportunity to meet u. Thanks for the memories. #fxckcancer