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Had the most fun with @wearlively & @physique57 tonight 💞💪🏼 Love partnering with this brand because everything they make is affordable, comfortable & hella high quality 👙 Use AMB-chelseaoutloud to get $10 off your order 💋 And go to #Physique57 to work that 🍑 More in my story ☝🏼 #livingLIVELY #physiquechic
If you listen carefully, you can hear @brooklyn.brandon singing along to @beirutband & my heart bursting out of my chest 🌲❤️ #latergram #lookingup #bigbasinstatepark
Haven’t spent a full day with this guy in a few months. Good thing we both still really like long car rides & each other 🤞🏼 #sanfrancisco
#tbt to earlier this week when my car still worked & I had a strong supply of soft boiled eggs in my fridge 🥚 #cherokeechâteau 🎶@bjthechicagokid
Genuinely loving being so stressed & busy that I forget to eat! Anyway, will I ever be too old to shop at @forever21? 🛍 #cherokeechâteau #f21xme #ootd
Hey if you have Columbus Day off I kind of resent you 🙃 Also if you swipe left you’ll see my beautiful friend @anjelicat who is back in New York for two weeks & I resent that too 🌿 #makeportraits #freehandla #latergram
Sunday afternoons are the best 💨 Now 🔙 to work ✌🏼
If you’re going to work on a Saturday, make it cute as hell 🌿 Also I just got an iPhone 8 Plus & this camera has me shook 📸✨ #FreehandLA
It's been an emotional couple of days 💦 Anyway, I'm not religious but that #chancetherapper concert was the closest I've felt to a higher power in a long time 🙏🏼 We didn't know until we were there but he live streamed the show for Hurricane Maria donations 🇵🇷 And you can still rewatch & donate today on! ✨ I cried, I screamed, I sang, I rapped, I dropped & shattered my phone 💔 I just want to go back in time & do the whole thing again 🌀 Swipe left to see the #DonnieTrumpet video I recorded to send to @gberms ⬅️ And check out my story for unabashed real time adoration of sweet baby Chano from the block ☝🏼
There is light when you look for it ✨ Feeling extra pretty tonight thanks to my partnership with @wearlively 👙 Use code AMB-chelseaoutloud to get $10 off your purchase 💸 #livingLIVELY 📸@alexinthecity
Having friends all over the world is like cutting your heart up in a million pieces & hiding them to find later 💔 #cherokeechâteau