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rvtchell 281w ago
My yoda shirt is the shit.
  • rvtchell 281w ago

    It was. I cut it cause I outgrew it

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I know Penny, it’s only Wednesday but we’ll get through it #humpday
Bluer than velvet was the night. Softer than satin was the light.
Instagram won’t let me post the video I wanted to use but this will do 😅
Using this as my #stopdropandspin for @kaylie_amaya and I pass it to @spiral_fairy @spunflowerr_ & @katelyn_spins get it ladies :)
Even tho I was in my werk jersey i was feelin myself 💁
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I wanna let all my Libra ladies live their life cause that's my rising but let's be real
Idc that they lost to the Bears today, I managed to stumble upon this official jersey for $20 at goodwill. If he was still playing maybe it wouldn't have happened 😜
Celebratory selfie for having my phone back and being able to instagram again #imbackbitches
Gotta love when your toss makes your hoop hit the fan but it bounces right back to you #didntmissabeatthough