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Me and the sis @haileyn89 many moons ago!

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Purchased some lovely pieces from @harrimanandco at the weekend - including these scissors and the little grey ceramic pinch bowl (the glazed/unglazed finish is lovely) which I'm keeping my smaller hooped earrings in.
One more photo of those stairs at New Walk Museum 🙌🏻
Moths freak me out but these I can deal with 😬
I know, I know - I made a @glossier order (props to the PR/marketing teams who are killing it!). I really love the Cloud Paint blush! 🙌🏻
Apparently this is what '3.05oz of Happiness' looks a dash of gin, chambord raspberry, vermouth, citrus and a hip flask! 🙈
Oh those sunny Sydney days. Now that I have a working laptop again, I better get moving with the next blog post, but here is another pic from the Opera House 😎
Lunch earlier today consisted of all the Cantonese roast meats. I'm pretty sure I don't need to eat for the rest of the day 😬
Yay for my favourite things. After spotting some of these in my local Chinese supermarket, there's no way I'm going to buy them from the Japan centre again! 💸
Pretty joss paper - paper offerings for the Mid Autumn Festival.
It's Mid-Autumn festival! 中秋節快樂! When my dad first came to the UK to study in the 70's, his brother used to send him photos with letters written on the back. This is one of my favourites - a box of mooncakes in a paper box to remind my dad of home, but also hello light/shadow.
Love these little guys at @arketofficial though I think they need a little more TLC 🌿🌱🌿
Today started with a coffee from the folks at 🙌🏻
Couldn't resist picking up Milky candy, mostly because Peko-Chan is so cute. Let's ignore the crazy mark up on the sweets at the Japan Centre...
The best random find of the day, lunch at @machiyalondon was the best! I had the Unajyu - my favourite grilled eel with unagi sauce on rice. I was quite envious of @onesliceoflemon's wagyu katsu. Next time!