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An old #portrait I took with @jesmondd still one of my favorites. #iphonesia #bestoftheday #jj #picoftheday #art

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A young Indonesian girl carries her brother on her back while taking shelter under a banana palm.
We spent days waiting the heavy rainforest rains out so we could get to location. After a week of being on this island, we only had two days of semi-dry weather to work with.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
2013, Ilford Delta 400, Mamiya 645.
Looking down into the gas filled Ijen crater at night, you can see the natural electric blue flames that spew from the volcano. These flames seem small from a distance, but in reality they can reach 5 meters in height and temperatures of 600 degrees celsius.
Put your hands in the air! This is a strobbery! ✋🏻🤚🏻🔫
Spending all night trying to get the perfect light on the big seven #lasvegas
A child worker taking a moment from work to strike a pose for the camera at the #dhaka shipyards.
Two workers at the Dhaka ship yard using grinders to smooth the ships hull. They stand upon planks of wood and bamboo secured with rope. #bangladesh #dhaka
These children are paid by the local government in chittagong to unclog the sewer. They stand waist deep with no shoes and shovel out debris by hand. #bangladesh #chittagong
These men are dragging a 10,000 pound cable out to sea at low tide. It is used to winch the parts they have cut free from the ships that litter the coast line. These workers often have no safety equipment such as footwear, gloves or hard hats. #bangladesh #chittagong
This hillside is littered with the bamboo baskets the workers use to haul sulphur up the adjacent mountainside. The weight of these baskets when full deform the workers and cause permanent scars; a reminder of how demanding this profession is.
Five hours in a canoe meandering through the jungle. ✌🏻
Wrapping up here in Kawah Ijen, lungs are feeling a little rough after this project. A big thank you to the #indonesian authorities for letting us have access to this area.
This is the largest acidic lake on planet earth, it is also home of the hypnotizing blue flame that can be seen at night. Workers here battle noxious fumes that spew out of the crater to mine the solidified sulfur that pours from the volcano's vents. Miners pass out often and many have died from inhaling the toxic smoke, all for less than $10 a day. Think your job sucks?
The scene of one of the most dangerous work environments on the planet. Sulfur mining in the Ijen Volcano #indonesia
This past week was an incredible one. Living in the jungle, waiting days for the jungle rainfalls to slow down, and learning the ways of the people who live here. New project coming soon. 👍🏼 #indonesia #photo