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User Image delilahdeau Posted: Nov 19, 2017 6:10 AM (UTC)
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I love #rollerderby I love @mnrg I love @minneapolis_city I love my new @steakscontactwear I love my #sonehelmet I love my @187killerpads I love being a on the #gardabelts
Dammit I fuckin #love #mylife
Friends. This last year has been the hardest and biggest and challenging and terrifying and heartbreaking and also the most fruitful and good and so full of personal growth explaining would take days. Oh and those of you who are around me daily know I’d love to take days to talk about it, feel free to ask :) As reluctant as I may be to say this...I am so proud of myself. I am proud for how much work I have put into becoming a more healthy human this year. I have done work, a lot of it. In every area. Taken the hard route instead of the easy one. Choose new actions to get different results. Remained open and vulnerable as much as I knew how. I have chosen to not allow shame to choose my actions. Instead, humility and selflessness and choosing to believe that I am worthy now choose my reactions.
I couldn’t be more thankful for the people in my life that have stuck with and encouraged me. My place of employment as it has challenged me and allowed for safe and graceful space to grow. Roller Derby saved my life in all kinds of ways. Not only being a good therapy but kept me active, challenged me, grew my interpersonal relationships and gave me something to focus on outside myself.
Tonight my heart is full.

Photo Cred: Ryan Siverson Photography
#RollerDerby #derbylove #derbystrong #rollerderbysavedmylife #rollerderbyismychurch #rollerderbygirls #ridell #ridellskates #steaks #steakswear #recoverresetrestart #skateforsteaks #girlswithtattoos #girlswithmuscle #minneapolis #minnesota #minnesotagram #MNRG #minnesotarollergirls
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Oct 24, 2017 2:28 AM (UTC)
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In the dark,
found light
brighter than many ever see.

Within herself,
found loveliness,
through the souls own mastery.

And now the world receives
From her dower:
The message of the strength
Of inner power.
-Langston Hughes

#quote #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #inspirationalquote #quotestoliveby #Langstonhughes #mylife #onelife #vulnerability #shame #openness #onceuponatime #minnesota #minnesotagram #minneapolis #twincities #optoutside #citylife #city #cityscape
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Oct 20, 2017 2:14 PM (UTC)
4 Slumber
Alright friends!! ITS FINALLY HERE! Worked my ass off and tomorrow’s the day it all begins!

TOMORROW, SATURDAY!!! Doors at 6PM Game at 7PM #MNRG #SEASON14 Opener hits the legendary @theroywilkins Roy with some nail biting #rollerderby #action!

Come get a #Sneakpeak at the ROOKIES [ME] and see what this season has in store.

Teams are stacked and this year it truly is anyone's game #GoldenSkate.

I am a #GardaBelt and The Garda's are in it to WIN it!
#Tickets available NOW at
#ImARookie #Rookies #MNRG #GARDA
#50ShadesOfShiva #Gardabelts #GetThatGold #ComeBackKid #minnesota #minneapolis #mylife #rollerderby #rollerderbyismychurch #rollerderbysavedmylife
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Oct 18, 2017 6:25 PM (UTC)
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Considering what a long way I have come to get to today, I got to be honest and admit, it’d be a shame to give up now. Yes, of course it has all made me stronger AND yes, I do get tired. Today I just feel lost, alone and unworthy. Feelings are hard.
At the end of today though, I know, I have much to be greatful for. To look forward to. To be proud of. I have come a long way and this year has been the most growing and transforming year of my life. I am a much better version of myself then I was a year ago. Of course some days are bad and of course I will struggle. This thief will not kill or destroy. He has come so that I may have life. The real truth is it does take a village and I am the most grateful for the village around me. I need you, all of you.
#outwiththeoldinwiththenew #vulnerability #mylife #todayisanewday #openness #quote #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftheday #belize #orangewalktown #travel #travelgram
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Oct 9, 2017 3:09 PM (UTC)
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I wake up every morning (feelin' like P Diddy 🎼 -let's be honest you all thought it!) and snuggle The Duchess #englishmastiff I eat some breakfast. I take my vitamins and get to take a look at the #beautiful city of #minneapolis #light shining off high rises. #waves crashing down the #mississippiriver #people chattering in every which way's distance. #traffic humming all around me. We really are fortunate to live in this #city Today I am #grateful for my #dailycommute @fairdalebikes 🖤#citycommute #fairdale #fairdalebikes #shimano #bern #converse #girlswhoride #girlswhoridebikes #bikempls #todayisanewday #citylife #mylife #vulnerability #iamstrong #minnesota #stonearchbridge #exploreeverything #exploreminnesota
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Oct 2, 2017 2:05 PM (UTC)
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Duchess and I had a great weekend in Wisconsin! Annual #waldvogelsfarm trip, #bonfires, family meals, trampolines, four wheelers, dog best friends and most importantly #family. #mastiff #mastiffgram #mastiffsofinstagram #springerspaniel #wearefamily #wisconsin
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Sep 9, 2017 4:33 PM (UTC)
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Today is the day! Love you to all the moons and back times a million friend. Right here next to ya when ya need me forever and ever 😘 #PeaceGarden #Minneapolis #Minnesota #mybestfriendswedding #readysetgo
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Sep 7, 2017 1:00 AM (UTC)
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The biggest leap of faith I've ever taken -- and one I continue to take every day -- is to believe I am loved. I've found my way to that belief through the teachings of Jesus Christ, but I don't pretend that's the only path to grace. Other people find grace through art or nature or philosophy or service to others... and those paths are in some ways superior, because no one claiming to represent a forest is going to come along and tell you that you aren't in fact loved, that you aren't equal to others, that you have to change who you are or suffer.

And people do that in the name of Christ all the time. A group of them did it just last week, releasing something called "The Nashville Statement," which shames both the beautiful city of Nashville and maybe even the word "statement." It attempted to define the "biblical" viewpoint on gender.

That a group of so-called Christians felt compelled to diminish the dignity and humanity of our LGBTQ comrades at this moment in history is a reminder, perhaps a necessary one, that progress in civil rights is fragile, and that reactionaries never truly surrender. They change their minds or die, and they will do as much damage going out as they can.

Those of us who live in a bubble of privilege need to remember that -- that these backwards and hateful attitudes toward LGBTQ people, no matter how marginal they may seem, have life or death consequences right now, both in the ways they play out in individual families and communities and because this hateful fringe now occupies some of the most powerful offices in the land.
Those consequences are linked, too: transgender youth make up a disproportionate percentage of our nations homeless population, because they leave or are forced to leave hostile environments. The man charged with addressing homelessness is Ben Carson, a molasses-witted walking Wikipedia entry who has treated his HUD appointment as a kind of personal gap year. He's mostly toured the country and created work for his son and wife, but apparently -- according to New York magazine -- one of the few areas of police that's garnered any momentum in the past nine months is a push to remove institutional support for hel
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Aug 24, 2017 3:12 PM (UTC)
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Well friends I AM A GARDA!!! Officially a MNRG Garda Belt and lemme tell ya these girls know how to have ALL THE FUN! Thank you @mnrg I can't wait for Season 14 wearing green!! Thank you @campbartc for hosting! Love you #mnrg #MNRG #minnesota #derbylove #rollerderby #rollerderbyismychurch #iamstrong #iamGarda
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Aug 23, 2017 12:09 AM (UTC)
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Tonight I am relaxing. Being mindful and thinking of intentions. I can smell a campfire and a distant barbecue in the neighborhood. I can hear the city in surround sound. I hear leaves hitting each other as the winds blow and crickets off in the distance. I see green and woods all around me. I see the dogs play in the yard; their ears moving forward and backward with each sound. I can feel the warmth from the fire and the wind every so often against my face. My emotions are balanced well of gratefulness, fear and a few ounces of empathy. I've never felt this proud of myself before. It's new for me. I accomplished a goal. Though I'm secretly still waiting for the "just kidding" i still feel honored and happy. I like this feeling. #vulnerability #openness #accountability #itiswell #iamstrong #mastiffgram #mastiffsofinstagram #minneapolis #minnesota #rollerderbyismychurch #derbylove #mnrgbootcamp2017 #getoutside
Mean Mugs and ALL the derby love. What. A. Summer. #rollerderbyismychurch #mnrg #mnrgbootcamp All you Bootcamper ladies are strong and lovely and inspire me 3 times a week! @steelmag5 thank you for pushing us, leading well and believing in us. You are of great character and we are all so very honored to be trained, mothered and led by you. Thank you!! #bodybysteel Thank you @mnrg trainers for your time, energy, skill and love for this sport and amazing Roller Derby league, we are fortunate here in Minneapolis Ya'll!! MNRG Bootcamp 2017 is now down in the books! @theroywilkins #minneapolis #minnesota #minnesotagram #rollerderby #derbylove #derbystrong @s1helmets for the win!
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Aug 17, 2017 5:37 AM (UTC)
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Today was a new day after yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day after today. Yesterday was hard. Today was not easy either. But I made it... And this Duchess the dog sure helped me through. End of the day today and I am still moving forward. Still choosing growth. Still choosing others over self and light over dark and openness over secrets. Thank you tribe for sending love, being love and choosing these things as well. Photo Credit: @lbjeffriesphotography #justkeepswimming #vulnerability #openness #lightoverdarkness #accountability #mytribe #mylife #mastiff #mastiffgram #mastiffsofinstagram #minneapolis #minnesota #minnesotagram #minnehahafalls #minnehahadogpark
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Aug 16, 2017 4:09 AM (UTC)
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So many words stumbling round in my brain I'm struggling to put any of them together that will make sense. Basically though, I need you. Every last one of you. I need your help. Your support. Your feedback. Your reminders. I need what you have to offer the world around you. I need you because what you have to offer I do not have and neither does anyone else. Please know that am grateful and happy and willing and always doing the best that I can. Even when my face doesn't look like, I promise you all of those things are true. I also promise that I will have all of the grace in the world for you and if I'm honest I'll admit I need your grace too. I am choosing to grow, to change and be a better human today than I was yesterday, everyday. Thanks for your patience. 🖤 #vulnerability #fakeittillyoumakeit #mnrgbootcamp #rollerderby #derbystrong #minneapolis #minneapolisstreetart #minnesota #minnesotagram
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Aug 2, 2017 4:47 PM (UTC)
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A'ight Michigan, let's do this.
I've spent a lot of my life letting the world and people around me define me. It took me a long time before I realized that I was even doing this. "You are a product of the relationships of your life". - Micah Witham

Therefore, everyone should be in therapy, right?

I have some pretty fantastic people in my life that aren't going to let what was said define me. It is those people who are going to remind me even of that. The only person I have had against me this whole time was really myself. No, some of us haven't been dealt the easiest hand in life. But, however we have survived, if we don't like it were the only ones that can change it. Now, it'd be really great if I could have woke up this morning not caring what people think and not allowing other peoples bullshit affect me. But, I didn't.
I will continue to wake up, meet the day, struggle probably cry a few times, ask for help and continue to lighten up the dark areas, surround myself with the people Who choose others over self.
A'ight Michigan, I've missed you, now let's do this 🖤. #Michigan #PureMichigan #upperpenninsula #marquettemi #houghton #onedayatatime #vulnerability #rollerderby #deadriverderby #keewanawrollergirls #derbystrong #derbylove
User Image delilahdeau Posted: Jul 29, 2017 4:57 PM (UTC)
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While #Adventuring this #MinnesotaSky poke through the trees. In this moment I was just thankful. #Thankful for #beauty Thankful for #silence Thankful for #kindness Thankful for #Nature and #Trees Thabkful for #Dogs and of course my Duchess. Thankful for people in my life. Duchess and I have a lot. Seven paper clips may not be the most stable foundation but we have a lot. From all of the pain to all of the wonder we remain thankful and will going moving forward. #Minneapolis #minnesotagram #onedayatatime #vulnerability #fakeittillyoumakeit