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Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right

Thanks to @tenderbrusselssprout for tattooing this portrait of a young Jerry Garcia on me, deadhead forever 😛
✨ BEING A BEGINNER ✨ In 6th grade I wanted to be a skateboarder so badly. I asked for a skateboard for my birthday and hit up the local skate park. I could barley ride but some kids egged me on to drop in off a pretty big half pipe and then laughed at me when I fell on face. I was so embarrassed I went home and decided to never skate again. I’ve always regretted giving up and I’ve always secretly held the dream to learn to skate. Grateful for my sweet bf for encouraging me to try again. Even though I can still barely ride and I definitely fell more than once, I’m excited to keep going. I’ve never done well with sticking to things I’m not naturally good at so I’m trying to break that pattern and embrace being a beginner. | Likewise, I’ve been humbled by the support and kindness of friends, strangers, and the tattoo community as I have recently decided to pursue tattooing. It can also feel intimidating to be at the beginning of this new path but I’m tying to embrace the excitement of it as well. Last week I received a tattoo as half of a trade with fellow new tattooer @damn_zippy (the human paw with eye) and I’m excited not only to tattoo her soon, but to be developing new friendships with such amazing people. You should check out her work and give her a follow!
Grateful that we decided to wake up early and drive out to the mountain to catch the totality: a perfect breezy sunny summer day, a cloudless blue sky, and a potently beautiful and eerie total eclipse of the sun, unlike anything else! (Thanks to @noland.chaliha for sending me off with a blackberry eclipse hand pie!) ☀️🌑✨
Lucky to be the recipient of @tenderbrusselssprout's first official client tattoo.. My @solabeeflowers @niko_ware ceramic boob vase with aloe plant memorialized.. So proud of him and excited to watch his career blossom 🌿💕
An honor to be photographed by one of my favorite friends / favorite photographers @slightly_indecent / @jontakesphotos ✨💛✨ #film
From the Fourth of July: It's hard to celebrate the 'freedom' of America when so many are still being systematically oppressed. So instead I'll support the freedom of the nipple, except not, because that would be flagged and deleted! Wearing my 'FREE THE NIPPLE' necklace from @corinneloperfido and my magical undies from @wonderwearsthegold, my favorite new adornments from #spiritweaversgathering
Spent the weekend in LA celebrating my nephew's first birthday and my brother's phD graduation. Grateful to be this kid's weird aunt and hoping we have many years of taking dumb selfies together in our future.
Amongst back to back to back traveling, I finally had a chance to tattoo my cutie bf last night with this crying eye raincloud. His concept and drawing with my design input. If you haven't checked out his art and tattoo designs go follow him @tenderbrusselssprout! He'll be taking clients starting in August.

Also, a big thank you to @redlittlethread for her guidance in teaching me more about stick and poke and being so encouraging. V excited to get back into it. ✨💛✨
Alien landscapes, breathtaking views, wild bison, a coyote sighting, and my two favorite dudes make for a perfect Yellowstone road trip 💛
I need to get some art framed! What are your favorite places in Portland for quality and affordable framing? Thanks in advance! 😘 p.s. check out these amazing Portland artists 🔥
TFW you're half bird of paradise, half blossom.. or, 'I finally had a relaxing weekend at home' 🌿🌸
Dani passed through town last week and we did a fun little photo shoot, she came back through yesterday and we did this cute little ram skull #stickandpoke ✨🐑💀👁✨