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Los Angeles friends: I’ll be in town next weekend if you want to hang out. #la #losangeles
Got to see the legends themselves tonight. What an amazing show by The Crystal Method. #crystalmethod #music
Had such an amazing time jamming and collaborating on the idea of computation outside of screens. We grow tired of working on laptops and in a broken process. We discussed and explored how to take visual programming to the next level.
Brunch with Izzy. We didn’t plan this but ended up wearing the same shirt.
During a 1:1 one of my designers and I went to pick up design materials. We have a rule: Sketching before Sketch App. #sanfrancisco #design
Got my Apple Watch today. It was so great to take it swimming. #apple
Read this instead of Game of Thrones.
Morning run. There was a NIKE campaign that once simply said “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. #sanfrancisco #running #nike
After so many years away from it I’m so happy to workout on the hardwood again. #basketball #sanfrancisco
Great win for the Raiders, and Marshawn Lynch’s first game back in Oakland. He’s having a blast down there. #oakland #raiders #raidernation