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  Posted: May 27, 2012 9:21 PM FEED
1 Walden

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So glad I got to make some sick memories with my dude @peanywheat who I love so much! It was awesome to explore your amazing home that now I love so much❤️🤘🏻!! #floridafriends #foreverfriends #fromNHtoFLtoCAtoIdaho #travelbuds #yearsonyearsoffriendship
Guys I went to Yellowstone this weekend. I have a million stories and pictures and it was amazing! Here’s one of my fave shots from the weekend but it’s sooo hard to choose!! And I was in Idaho and Montana too!! I’ve always wanted to see these states. I think this photo captures how stoked I am ❤️🍃📸 photo by @peanywheat #idaho #montana #wyoming #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone
Had a blast training at this gym today. So much dope art and writing on the walls.
Guys I love the mini waterfalls the most ✨🌊 #zionnationalpark #utah
Water flowing out of the subway and into the river here. So pretty. ✨ #zionnationalpark #utah
Did this hike at Zion called the subway. It was obviously amazing. 9 mile round trip hike in a canyon following the river/ basically hiking in the river for me. ❤️✨ #zionnationalpark #utah #utahisawesome
My fave pic so far from my Utah trip. Love the air in Utah. That clean fresh mountain air- reminds me of NH. ✨🍃 #zionnationalpark #utah
This pointy peak was my favorite one. Too bad the pics can't do it any kind of justice but still. ✨#zionnationalpark #utah #explore
Started out taking a wrong route on our first hike but ended up at this beautiful spot before we found the river. ✨ #zionnationalpark #utah