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  Posted: May 27, 2012 8:42 PM FEED
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Today is World #FoodDay hosted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. #yxecc participated in the Big Crunch to celebrate Healthy Eating and Local Farmers. Here we are with our crunchy 🥕
#yxetalkstrash • ♻️ • Did you know that you can recycle cleaning product bottles? I wasn't sure • turns out you can pop off the cap, give it a rinse, and toss it in your blue bin • Head onto the Waste Wizard on to check that item you're unsure of •
The #SistersInSpirit march and vigil to honour the sisters we've lost was tonight. Incredible show of support and remembrance • #MMIWG #yxe
Mother Nature and I both have on our Orange shirts in honour of Residential School Survivors and those lost to colonial policies and practices. #orangeshirtday is an opportunity to honour, to learn, and to find and take our place in the reconciliation journey. #yxe #orangeshirtday2017 #orangeshirtdayyxe
Feeling pretty inspired by the grounded leaders in Pleasant Hill this afternoon. We walked, we smudged and we shared. Thank you to all who work hard to bring young and old together to make our community stronger and make it a safer place. Extra acknowledgements to the wonderful people in the first photo: Cecile from the CA, Andre Bear, Cheyenne Fineday and Stephanie Bear - youth reps from the @fsinations. Also from FSIN - Vice Chief Heather Bear. These are leaders, but as Cheyenne so eloquently put, "you don't need a title to be a leader". Thank you to the community for your leadership.
What a great event! Congratulations to the Caswell Hill Community Association on another successful Art in the Park. The 'opening' of the new accessible playground in Ashworth Holmes was great too! #yxe #caswellhill #artinthepark
THANK YOU to all of the @iaff80 in #yxe for giving myself and others the opportunity to learn first hand today. So many hard working volunteers put in time and effort to make today an exceptional learning opportunity. Firefighting is even harder than it looks, folks. This is me "catching" the hydrant today - definitely one of the easier jobs I got to try, but if I had been held to the same speed standards our men and women at the Saskatoon Fire Department are, there's no way I would have passed the test. Check out @iaff80 's page for more pics of today at #fireops101 🚒
Posted: Sep 6, 2017 10:46 PM
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A few odds and ends from the last days of summer: 1. Serving burgers at the SDLC Labour Day BBQ near the Riversdale Pool. 2. Hanging out with my colleague's beautiful boy at the Saskatoon Tribal Council gathering last week 3. A bit of me time on a windy evening at Waskesiu lake last weekend. 4. The last of this season's garden lilies in my yard recently. Some of the good things in life: 🍔 👶🏽 🌊 🌺 (+ the community reflected in it all 💕)
Had the honour of designating this building as municipal heritage today with my colleagues on Council. #yxecc. Pictured here are the Casavant organ and a glimpse of the hammer bream rafters. What a building. #yxe Thank you to all who put in the work to have this designation happen and to all who have and will care for this building.
First we headed outside to check out the eclipse, then after Committee we had someone document our matching outfits. And this morning, I couldn't find an empty bike parking spot in city hall staff area (so great!). It was a good day. #yxe 🚲🌒
The Day of Mourning remembering the victims of the sex trade and supporting their loved ones. #yxe Together we can break these cycles.
The @stoonlibrary wants to feature YOU in the gallery! Come check out and contribute to 'Sketching Saskatoon' before the end of the month! #yxe
Head over to to read the latest Ward 2 monthly news and to sign up to get it in your inbox next month. #yxe