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Pure Michigan trip and the weekend
That AirBnB!, the beach!, pumpkin carvin, Journeyman distillery, climbin the windy dunes, backwards hike, climbin up the walls
Felt so sick watching that game up and down. But the Cubs did it! NLDS win! Fly the W. Next step Dodgers NLCS. THIS YEAR, AGAIN! ❤MEGAN
Took this last night, not a lot of flags up there. Nationals, Cubs, Dodgers
Game 5 tonight. All comes down to this!
Sad exit from Wrigley. Not a W. Thank you for coming, please exit quietly. Not over for the Cubs. Cubs in 5!
The calm after and before the storm.
Cubs coming home to take the NLDS in 4 at Wrigley
Flowers from my sisters flower farm. End of the 1st season. 🌺🌸🌻🌼🏵
This kid LOVES his chickens! Especially when they let him catch them.
Rosey (Meatball) the chicken. 1 of 17
#nephewhangs #chickenhangs
Its alive and its name is Jordan
NFG 1997-Forever
So Max Bemisy!
Say Anything Riot Fest 2017
What say you
And all your friends
Meet all of my friends
In the alley tonight
6 years of Riot Fest with these guys, 3 years documented.