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  Posted: May 27, 2012 5:45 PM FEED
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Happy birthday to my only and therefore favorite sister in the world! She's pretty cool, I mean who else gets a wall of doughnuts for their birthday?
Riding home after a great dinner with these two ladies
Last day in Kings Landing was spent kayaking and eating Shark Steak and Frogs legs
Last night/day in Barcelona was awesome! On to the next one!
Half way through Barcelona and we went to the top of the city, strangely resembled the fat cat, relaxed at the beach and poolside, bought some FCB undies, got a quick pump, saw some churches and even fed a stone turtle 🐢
If you know these two then you know they are Super Curious about .... well just about everything! We talked about @theresacaputo a lot and how @glennyballs loves Billy Joel, but then again who doesn't?! Make sure to give the Super Curious Podcast a listen! #supercurious #podcast #barstoolsports #saftb #onebite
What you know about that charcuterie? 🧀 🍞 🇫🇷
Arrived in Paris yesterday. First thing I did after I got off the train was go to a fancy restaurant in a tank top and ordered snails, Perrier, and wine #vivelafrance
Day Two in London! Here, Saturday's are not only for the boys, but they're for the Geezas and the Top Lads!
When exploring Santa Monica and Venice one must do the following:
Take pictures with signs to let everyone know where you are.
Eat Poke' bowls and drink outta coconuts cuz .... they good
Open your own restaurant and take a pic outside it
Visit every Muscle Beach and the original MECCA!
Last but not least, don't forget to smell the flowers
Rules to Santa Monica 1) Hit the gym and get a double protein smoothie 2) Go to the farmers market and eat a peach 3) Flex on'em