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Gym has been hit or miss lately. While everyone else is competing and breaking records, I'm just trying to survive overnight shifts. Hit a 335 PR on bench- not sure what happened with positioning. Head came off, which never happens. 375 with the slanger. Also recovering from a knee injury. First time squatting in months and it felt pretty strong. Have to reteach myself breathing and bracing. @zacules32 #kabukistrength
Thankful to have the best of friends and the hottest girlfriend ❤️
Forgot to work out my head it seems. 🤔
Getting religious with the good pastor in the church of squats
@notes_from_ninna hits an APA Oregon state record in the 132 women's open class with 281. She could have easily hit a 300 squat today 🏋🏻‍♀️#kabukistrength @kabukistrengthlab @zacules32 #powerlifting #powerlifter #squat
She looks 4x smaller than me in this picture but is easily 4x stronger! Another state record squat and best overall lifter in the books! @notes_from_ninna
@notes_from_ninna has her second powerlifting meet today. I'm incredibly proud of her and she's going to kill it!
Easy 300 doubles on bench after half paralyzing myself on baby weight deadlifting yesterday 😂
This is love. Sleeping next to me while on that 2k grind 😍 @notes_from_ninna
One of the best conventional lockouts you'll see. Mark my words, in a year or so she'll be a force to be reckoned with. @notes_from_ninna 😍
Blink and it's gone. 275 flyin- even faster on the next set by 4 100ths of a second. Crotch shot free of charge. #kabukistrength