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numthecat 247w ago
Sometimes I lose my balance.
numthecat 249w ago
I like to have my nap where Amy types.
numthecat 275w ago
This is Charlie the cat receiving treatment from my good friend Dr. Mataya. Charlie has a mustache like me, Num. But he doesn't like me Num very much.
numthecat 275w ago
This is me with my new friend Khun Tara. She takes care of a cat like me, Num. His name is Charlie. I gave her lots of kisses.
numthecat 275w ago
Do you see my ferocious tooth?
numthecat 276w ago
This is my #girlfriend Gaia. She likes to sit with Amy's #knitting books. She does not like me.
numthecat 276w ago
Hanging out with my friend, Professor Ed Tower of Duke University.
numthecat 277w ago
It has been a while since I have shared. But I am just so ferocious.