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  Posted: May 27, 2012 1:05 PM FEED
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When the world stood still. When something strikes and your mind doesn't know how to react. When fear takes over. When we wait for the Avengers to arrive.

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Posted: Mar 3, 2016 3:01 PM
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And that number stood out as though it's trying to tell me something.
Lush greenery, urban, new, old, tropical, tall, short, port. Singapore.
Posted: Jan 10, 2016 9:12 AM
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No rules when it comes to bokeh balls.
The sourdough crust was πŸ‘πŸ».
Choc Mint Lamington. Sometimes you need stuff like that to brighten your day.
Ricotta Hot Cake. One of the top brunch items I've had at a cafe. Will be back for more I hope!
You have to drink at least 5 cups of coffee a day in Melbourne. Certainly the cafe capital of the world!
Blue skies, silky smooth sand. Lovely breeze. In Melbourne now with my lovely family.
A snippet of Singapore that you don't normally see from across the globe, without the marina bay sands, gardens by the bay or the Merlion.