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cowe 281w ago
@ohdanielsan wins at b'loonies
  • those are the best!!!

  • __micaela 281w ago

    We used to get those from the Philippines when I was a kid - pretty sure the ones they had there were insanely toxic

  • mari_f 281w ago

    Yes yes yes

  • corsakti 281w ago


  • cowe 281w ago

    @___micaela they're all surprisingly still totally toxic. we balled up the giant towering crown and it smelled like hospital x5000. kind of hilarious that a tube of super-flammable-toxic goo is a kid's toy. ethyl acetate's a hell of a drug.

  • __micaela 281w ago

    Well that's comforting to know 😊

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cowe 1d ago
and then, I thought.. maybe I should just stay in Holland? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
cowe 4w ago
the VERY LAST TEN of the original edition of lasered brooches I made with @audkawa in 2010 are up on @staticmedium now (🔗 in bio) alongside her newly released open edition of Enchantress
cowe 5w ago
This is our print shop. @staticmedium

Here's 60 Static prints by 60 artists in 60 seconds! Honored to regularly work with these and many other amazing artists on a regular basis.
Our new site launched today, with an awesome print release from @aronwiesenfeld!
#staticmedium #printshop
cowe 9w ago
and then all I wanted for my birthday was to not wear pants in a blanket fort while playing mario kart, and everything was wonderful. #adulting
cowe 22w ago
#fbf to that one time, some amount of years ago, when @jgcolimon and I looked up and over at that thing in the distance. and we both looked like children. #polaroid #sx70
cowe 30w ago
#tbt - that one time when I was pretty brown, on the morning of my first a) day of school, OR b) hangover?

you decide.
cowe 39w ago
every single window inside the walls of this city is the Actual Best Window™

#cartagena #colombia
cowe 41w ago
today we hiked to this laguna (which is filled with gold), and laughed at our near-inability to breathe at 10,000ft above sea level. #colombia
cowe 51w ago

We (@staticmedium) are excited to be releasing these two beautiful @kilianeng pieces - "Dream Loop" is a 7-color 18x24 screenprint edition of 175 by our very own ScreenWizard @ohdanielsan and "The Watcher" is a 12x16 archival giclee edition of 40 produced by @staticmedium.

Come hang out! Popping up from 12-4 today only - Table 14 in Anthony Michael Hall

Bring burritos!
#kilianeng #staticmedium #screeprint #giclee