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hal7474 23h ago
old bricks and blade runner sky. yellow sandy light. Armageddon is on air.
step by step. growing up. explore the world and be curious, amore mio. love you L xxx
I always met incredible human beings when I was facing the hardest challenges of my life. @ruby_ldn is a humanity masterpiece, a big hearted creature and I am totally honoured to start a new exciting adventure with him. can't wait to rock the future ⚡️⚡️⚡️
love our new backyard when the sky is on fire. no filtered beauty. #GooglePixel #TeamPixel
breathing my big blue. that's all I'd need right now. missing my family and my beloved ones. #LeMarche #Sirolo #Conero #thefamilyfromlemarche pic by Maestro C @never29
“The darkness is not something I’m afraid of. I think Hubert Selby Jr., the author of Requiem for a Dream, said you have to look into darkness to see the light. It’s important to reflect back on ourselves and think about what’s really going on in the world to be able to change course.” It was 1998 and I was living in oxford. I decided to watch a movie at the Phoenix Cinema and it Was Pi of @darrenaronofsky . I was totally hit and amazed by his power and vision. Yesterday I saw mother! and I found it gorgeously disturbing. An absolute masterpiece. Jennifer Lawrence acting is breathtaking.
I had my best experience in London last Saturday. I had the chance to try the amazing experience of @undergroundhairdresser #secretsalon for something that is surely more than an haircut. Thanks again R @ruby_ldn you're the coolest human glue of über cool creatures 🎩⚡️✂️🚀
The place I belong to. Where I grew up with Nonno Orlando e Nonna Lea. #LeMarche #home