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rons1ne 281w ago
:: It's been a minute. And yes, that is a spoon with the #sangria. @trixiebentz likes to eat the fruit with class. ::

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rons1ne 20h ago
Harlow be like, 'Rocks in my pocket? Nah. Monsters, yo.' Keep making cool things @bashandsass
I had a dream aboot a car muffler last night....and boy am I EXHAUSTed.

Dad jokes. Dad hats. And other rad Dad gear available at @asmblyhall. We'll be having a little sneaky leaky peek at the shop before our official The Bad Dads Club pop-up this Saturday, 10/14, 3-6PM.

Bay Area Dads - new, seasoned and soon-to-be - hope to have you in!

Be there or be square! You can get to our shop by car, BART or the MUNI...RHOMbus.

Dad jokes. All day. Harlow's laughing. What's yours? See you Saturday or sooner!
Taking indoor soccer next level, yo.

High 80's low 90's today. No AC. Do we go out to the park to play soccer? Nah. Keep it indoors in the apartment hallway. Open both windows at the end of the halls to channel the breeze. #citylife #citykids
My three faves...donuts, cupcakes and Harlow! Oh and Trix, too 😂.

BTW, join us this Satty at our store @asmblyhall for our @johnnycupcakes pop-up yo! Plenty of gear for the grown folk and tykes! Swipe ⬅️ for the deets! Hope to you at the shop this Satty!
A fun #tbt project...Pic 1 Trixie x Harlow (2.5 yrs old); Pic 2 Trixie x Harlow (18 odd something weeks). Swipe ⬅️ for the fun!

Hoping to recreate photos of Trix and Harlow where we would take Trix x #babybentz1ne pics (or as close to recreating 😁)
We came. We LOFT. We didn't cry tho. @domreyna can't wait to build! @fullylaced always good running into you and congrats on 10 years in the game! Cheers to many more!

BTW, loft meetings >>> cookie cutter conference room meetings scheduled through Outlook.
The future is female. And ice cream. And cake. And Skye.

And when tickets to the @museumoficecream sell out, you do the next best thing. Wear it and peer in. Have a great Monday ya'll!
Harlow and I checking out @undiscoveredsf's vendors before the public experienced the night market.

If you missed this one, be sure to save the date for Friday, October 20th. @asmblyhall will be popping up shop again with some new goodies and restocks of some favorites!

In the meantime in-between time swing by the shop when you're in the area. You'll get free fist bumps from Harlow, yo!
Side angle side. Anyone else remember that theorem?
Trying to think of some wind puns. I'd tell them to you...but they blow.
Swipe ⬅️ Harlow's @beyonce Bday Formation fauxtoshoot outtakes. And she wouldn't do it unless her Minnie hat was involved. Worth every 'Storage Almost Full' pop-ups.

Check out @harlowsloane for the final images 😉. Kept it rated G and SFW - no 🖕's involved yo!
Harlow Sloane of the House Benitez, First of Her Name, Overseer of Her PAW Patrol & Disney Toys, Watcher of All Things Sprout & PBS Kids, Wearer of Dino Pants, and Breaker of Rules*

*Under adult supervision 🙃 Time for GoT finale yo!