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  Posted: May 27, 2012 6:23 AM FEED
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Washington has amazing views. Worth the trip with family and friends.
Back to reality, unfortunately 😩
" We may not have it all together, but together we have it all." Grateful for my family -- minus Blake in this picture 😯 We still love you though 💜
Thank you for being my best friend for the last four years. And on top of that being an amazing boyfriend for the last year and a half. Words and not even this post could describe my appreciation for you. 💓
#bf #tomcattom #MCE #youmakemehappy #gettinsappy
Had to steal it too...cause it's so cute 😸. Thanks for hanging out with me on my 23rd.
@i_rayg @zachy24 @kennwilsonn
Never can get the right expression out of him. #meanmuggin
Feat. petroglyphs
Why in the world I hiked the Grand Canyon twice this year, the world may never know. But I will always cherish this experience with my dad!
#17miles #imjustasuckerforpain
Last weekends adventure. 😎
Had an awesome time rafting down the Colorado River with my favorite people!
We were dressed up because it was our birthday party and Sandy was sad that she didn't have a costume...I think lol.
Still my favorite picture of the tres amigos! 😏
Every moment with you is well spent. Even when you won't smile for a picture. 😙