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Wearing my cute new crying sadgirl, anime-eye croptop to the bar when some guy asked me what it meant. I said nothing. He kept asking, so I screamed as loud as my voice would let me, "IT MEANS I'M WEEABO TRASH, YOU AMERICAN SWINE"
It's safe to say I'm drunk and have been left alone ever since
My sweet Doug having a sleepover with his grandparents kitties... I miss my monster :( today has been a lonely one
Quality time with Gucci and Louis, the Bengal boys ~<3
So there's a contest going on through all MI Noodles&Co locations seeing who can sell the most small bites, and I've made it my life's mission to beat my boyfriend's store. Pulling out all the cute stops to make it happen.
Come say hi. Let me make you food. Help me beat Kiels store