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  • Not to be annoying but you could always just diet in a healthy way there's no reason to completely not eat it only leads to binging ... Believe me I've been there!!! 😚

  • Please don't. I've been dealing with an Ed since sixth grade and I wish I never started... Now that I've been through recovery, not a day goes by that I don't think about Ana and even some days she gets the best of me.

  • At school we had this project about vasting for 24 hours. Only water. Money u collect goes to charity. Use something like this? One day vasting is ok but not more than 1 day!! Remember!'

  • I only eat at dinner when they would notice the most and then when I don't eat very much I just say I'm not very hungry...

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I just got back from the gym and it seems as if i just keep getting fatter and fatter though iv been fasting #gym #fat #fast #fasting #body #bones #bellybutton #me #myself #dontlikeit
My new piercing, it hurt like crazy though
Everything about me is so fucking gross, my hair, my stomach, my arms, my legs, my whole fuckin body