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Sorry, not sorry for all the doggo pictures. She's my favourite part of Jeff's haircuts 😍
Toby and Scout are only friends when it comes to building alliances against the treat-stealing-corgi.
I am fully aware that I am that obnoxious person that posts mostly dog and food photos and it always seems kinda braggy ..
but my food is something to brag about. Haha.
Made my amazing gourmet vegan Indian tacos, but this time also gluten free !

This dietary change has forced me to be creative in adapting my well established recipes, but so far I've been ecstatic with how things turn out :)
Thera baby ♡ this little love has been a part of my life since my high school boyfriend and his best friend swindled me into keeping her after making me fall in love with her and then threatening to take her to the SPCA.

We've been chill for like 10 years now. Even though I've brought three dogs into our lives since.
My first rescue and only cat - I don't think I could ever have another. She's just so great.
Happy 28th to my girl, @justineexplores !
Here is an adorable photo from her 18th/Friendsgiving '07. (Also . . when and why did we stop doing those. They were the best.) Hope I get to spoon you for the rest of my life ♡
Thanksgiving/Halloween gifts from ma ! Nightmare Before Christmas, Sailor Moon, and Harry Potter .. like she knows me or something.
Also mom: "What are you doing? Showing off your kimono? .. or your boobs?"
trying to feel inspired doing water colour backgrounds is hard .. I absolutely hate painting landscapes.
Been sitting like this for 30 minutes trying to force my brain to go back to study mode when all I can think about is my patients and how badly I want to be back at clinical . . even though it was stressful and nerve wracking and I whined so hard about being up at "ass-crack o'clock" .. haha.
Professional relationship advice: find someone that looks at you the way @woolycorgi looks at chips.
Meeting with HFX Pop Explosion today.. going for a punk rock business casual with a touch of native and drowned rat - think I nailed it.
Every time I try to leave the car, it starts pouring again.
I took a thousand blurry photos because I couldn't stop laughing long enough for my phone to focus. Enjoy !
Had a rough weekend . . so I treated myself and bought @woolycorgi a costume 😂
How I feel about my lungs playing early Halloween on me this weekend.
Been taking vitamin K every day, avoiding hypersal and tobi, and they're still forcing up bloody plugs.
Starting Cipro tomorrow .. so even though my joints will be screaming at me, at least I can safely treat patients again by Saturday !
Had a rough day lung-wise, but I finally got to wear My @oxdxclothing shirt .. so that's a plus:)
#supportindigenousartists #indiginousart #buyauthentic
'Tis the season to celebrate my 1/8th white heritage !