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Y'all know my feelings for @dunkindonuts πŸ˜’ but y'all also know I don't think their cake donuts or croissant donuts are that bad. With that being said I had to try the new salted pretzel and definitely the PB croissant donut and both were delish. This one def could have used more topping but the donut was dense and moist and looks great too. 😍
Hi, frands. πŸ™‹πŸ»I'm still alive. Life has kicked my ass the last few months and I've had no mental energy to put into social media. A few of you have reached out and checked on me and that means the world. ❀️ Updates: I haven't worked out in over a month. Most days I'm lucky if I consume 1000 cal bc my appetite is still sucky. (I eat a LOT of fast food and rarely finish a meal these days) When I'm not working, all I wanna do is sleep and watch Netflix. (No it's not depression just my body trying to adjust to my new graveyard shift at work) I HATE being lazy and wasting my day by sleeping late and napping so I'm working on making myself wake up by 11 (most days I don't go to bed til 4-5am) so I can be more productive and start going to the gym again and get my strength, energy, and appetite back. Andddd I recently moved (yes AGAIN) right across the street from my gym so that helps. And it also helps the weather is getting warmer bc β˜€οΈ gives me life! Lawl.
When you actually take the time to cook and it's just eggs. πŸ˜‚ Bacon, onions, zucchini, 2 whole eggs and a splash of egg whites with pepper jack, 2 frozen waffles with sf syrup, and strawberries πŸ“. #BreakfastFoodIsLife
Headed to the gym then to work. Packed all my food and snacks in my new @fitmarkbags! My job is usually very fast paced the whole time and rarely have time to sit down and enjoy my meal in its entirety so I need things I can take a bite of here and there in passing. Today I packed a salami and havarti cheese sandwich, veggie chips, blueberries, coconut cashews, dried fruit, and whole wheat crackers. And this bag includes containers to keep everything separate and organized. I prob need more protein packed snacks tho. πŸ€” If you want your own FitMarkBag you can use code "friends15" for 15% off! $$$[Pssst.. My shirt says LIFT in the shape of a heart. πŸ’š Tap for where to get it or one like it] #fitmarkbags #nicebag #fitmarklove
When your sammich is 27g fat alone.πŸ˜… I need all the calories I can get these days bc I simply don't consume enough. So you rarely see me eating anything low fat or sugar free these days. Salami, pepper jack cheese, and honey mustard on sourdough with seasoned fries. (Can you guess where everything is from?😝) The fries are in the frozen section and they are πŸ”₯. Today was the first time I grocery shopped in weeks and I was so excited haha. I kinda went crazy and bought a ton. Mainly easy to consume foods like shrimp cocktail and lunch meats and also a lot of snacky and easy to grab foods since I rarely cook these days and I'm always working and have no energy left to put into cooking. πŸ˜…
Latest @aldiusa find. They taste like I figured, sort of like Sugar Smacks cereal but a little less sweet. 38cal/0f/8c/1p. Good snack if you're cutting. I just wanted something new to snack on. Kind of sick of Poptarts and cereal.😳
I don't think a caption is necessary here #ihop
IG HACK: if you wanna see who your true supporters are, don't post for awhile. #FOHFakers I don't care ab how many followers I have. What's hurtful is the people that you thought you had made friends with on here that unfollowed you when you went absent for a small period of time. Or that unfollow you bc you aren't on their IG "level". I have never cared ab any of that trivial stuff. I've always kept it πŸ’―. I'm genuine IRL and in cyber life and I can say that my "following" has been acquired from me being me. With that being said, I mentioned in a previous post explaining the lack of posts. I've just recently gotten somewhat back on track and I'm feeling so much better. I basically had to force myself out of the rut I was in bc I absolutely hated it. I rarely ate bc I didn't have an appetite. When I did feel hungry it was like a chore to eat. I barely drank water. On top of all that, the thing that effected me most was that I wasn't sleeping well. All I wanted to do on my days off was lay in bed and watch tv. Friends told me it sounded like depression. 😰 My life had multiple changes the last few months, physically and mentally and it took time to get through it and adjust. One day I just made my mind up that I wasn't going to let my new life take over my goals and the things I enjoyed. After all, I had just bulked for 15 months and was supposed to be cutting and I couldn't have a successful cut without sleep and proper nutrition. I wasn't ab to waste all those months of hard work. I decided one night to set my alarm for the next morning and no matter how bad I slept I was GOING to get up and go to the gym before work. Bc I knew that once I got back on track with my workouts everything else would fall into place. And it did. My appetite returned and I've been sleeping better. It wasn't easy. That first workout was a struggle. I didn't feel like doing it but I did. I'm motivated again. I've lost around 4 lbs in the last couple of weeks just buy eating more, drinking more water, and lifting again. I've done cardio maybe 3x in those 2 weeks. ALSO: I refuse to track macros again bc I think my time for that has passed. (Cont. in comments) πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
I was gonna make regular vanilla protein pancakes with syrup. Then when I opened the fridge I saw I had an extra packet of cinnamon roll icing sooo. Added cinnamon and voila. 😍 Hope y'all have a good weekend. I'm working all day today and pretty much all day tomorrow. I'll be making money so guess I can't complain.πŸ™„
#WaybackWednesday to last week when I made spaghetti squash, ground turkey, marinara, and parmmmm. 😍
Long time no post fam. Missed y'all even tho y'all probably didn't notice my absence. πŸ™„ This year has been one of the most difficult for me. From hurting my back keeping me from doing heavy lower body workouts for 4-5 months to dislocating my shoulder in June leaving me in debt due to a huge amount of doctor and hospital bills. #FML The last 4 months have probably been the hardest. Being forced to quit a job I'd been at for almost 10 years and losing a ton of time with my son during the process. πŸ˜“ Uprooting our lives to move and start a new job. Hating that job and getting a new one. Making a fraction of the pay I was and struggling to pay bills and rent forcing me to get a second job to help ends meet. My work schedule is all over the place so my sleep hasn't been consistent; my workouts haven't been consistent. I can't remember the last time I finished an entire gallon of water in a day, ate veggies like I should, or tracked any food. Honestly I haven't had much of an appetite the past few months and only eating bc I'm hungry and not enjoying any food. I thought I was finally getting sick of food from bulking 🀣 but realized it's def stress bc I could never not enjoy food lawl. I'm not here to complain or to get sympathy just wanted to share why I have been kinda "distant" on here and on Snap. Life has just beaten me down lately but the last few days I feel I'm starting to return to normal. My second job is actually at my old gym (the one with the good selfie mirror from 2 years ago y'all remember 😏). It feels like a vacation when I work there bc my other job is sooo exhausting so it's slowly allowing me to feel somewhat normal again. Hopefully it will turn into a full time job in the near future. Anyways just wanted to say hi and hope y'all are all well. Going to try and be back on here on the reg. πŸ–€
Toasted everything bagel, egg whites, pepper jack cheese, & jalapeΓ±o pepper cheese wedge. All brought to you by Aldi. They should sponsor me already.
Aldi does it again. 😍 Now if they made pumpkin filled or cinnamon apple filled that'd make my life.
I moved this weekend therefore I didn't have a whole lot of time to sit down and eat as much as I needed/wanted. So the morning after the move, to make up some of those calories I missed, I hit breakfast hard with 2 packets of apple cinnamon oats with some Edy's apple pie ice cream! 😍 Fall is all about the pumpkin (for me and most πŸ˜„) but fall has other delicious flavors to offer and I love them all. Including apple. This hit the spot on a cool crisp fall morning. πŸŽπŸ‚ Also started a new job this week. Feeling optimistic. I did all this so I could be closer to my son and have my time back with him. My previous job and residence was too far and was taking a toll on me. I needed change and my son back. Hope you're all having a great week. We're half way to Friday! πŸ’•
Happy Thursday frands! Haven't been posting as often bc real life issues sometimes happens and social media has to take a backseat. I'm moving this weekend and starting a new job on Monday so things are a little hectic but hopefully will calm down soon. Wanted to share one of my new favorite pumpkin items this season. I was lucky enough to win these 2 amazing jars from a contest that @wild_friends held. These are so on point. So creamy and just enough pumpkin flavor. The chocolate one is my fav ofc. πŸŽƒπŸ«
Not ☝🏼️ but ✌🏼️ Pop-Tarts have been my choice for pre-workout these days. I've been trying the new flavors: Orange Crush & Caramel Apple. My fav of the new ones is probably Root Beer. #NotSrs. FOH with root beer. If someone told me to drink a can of root beer to spare my life I would tell them just to end me. #Fact Today's flavor of choice is none other than S'mores. It's always been my favorite. It's so different from all the other flavors bc of the unique graham cracker crust. When you don't wanna make a mess and aren't inhaling your food like me #bcstarving, the proper way to eat a pop-tart is eating all the crust on the edges first, then separating the icing layer from the bottom crust layer, then eating the layers separately. #AlsoFact
Pistachio gelato🍨, Maria's cookies (tastes like animal crackers), and candy corn trail mix--candy corn, raisins, honey roasted peanuts, and white choc covered pretzels ballzzzz. πŸŽƒYAS. This made not fitting into any clothes in the dressing room today worth it. 🐷 #PigSoHard
Leftover chicken hibachi from last night's celebratory dinner at Kiku for my little sis's birthday. If 29 is little. 😐 That just makes me feel so old. Thanks @kmaloney87 😀 I still love you. πŸ’™πŸ˜˜ That sauce is called yum yum sauce. It's yum yum. If you didn't guess.
πŸŽ₯ New vlog is uploaded! This video probably best accurately shows my personality: goofy, clumsy, and struggling to adult. πŸ˜… Laughter is pretty much my favoritest thing ever so I can usually laugh about anything. Including nearly knocking myself out on the smith machine lawl. I swear it hurt way more than it looked like. πŸ˜† Direct link in my profile! πŸŽ₯
Posting this super quick so I can start watching S5 of New Girl that came out on Netflix today YAASSS. πŸ’πŸ»πŸ‘— But is this not the most aesthetic picture of pot pie you've ever seen?!? πŸ™ŒπŸΌ This isn't just any ole pot pie... This is salmon pot pie. 😳 Although this is delicious, (and not "macro friendly" πŸ˜…) I think I still prefer good old fashioned chicken pot pie. I just didn't have chicken on hand and I'm all for trying new things that sound good and mixing it up. I'll post the recipe in the comments if anyone is interested. Remember: not macro friendly but my macros are on the higher side right now. I think I'll use reduced fat biscuits on top next time and omit the pie crust. That's where most of the carbs and fats came from. πŸ™„ #AFLRecipe