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Two guys, three gals, one Theodore, some beer, chocolate malts and fries.

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Apple and Olive Oil Cake from the new @ottolenghi Sweet cookbook on the blog this morning, which I love for its stately-ness (so tall!) and pillowy maple cream cheese frosting. As well as a few thoughts on "should-less" days, brought to my attention thanks to a @deathsexmoney podcast with Ellen Burstyn (I can't recommend should-less days enough to all of my Type A / 'Do All The Things' homies out there. Link in profile.
Somehow a week's gone by and I have been a bit quiet on Instagram. This past week we've had a kiddo health scare, work stuff with a capital S, early mornings, lots of toddler-ness. I'm really tired. And happy it's Friday. And equally happy to share an apple cake recipe with you next week made with apples my girl @keenakaye gifted me at @samtschick birthday. Happiest of Fridays to you! #cakecakecake
Kid's avocado muffin & adult cortado this morning @thefathen . Followed by a neighborhood walk + quick gym workout + cookbook organization + Seahawks (@samtschick favorite time of the year and I just play along 😉).
Back home and back on the Bowl Train, this time partnering with @drpraegers to create this Southwest Breakfast Bowl on the blog this morning. Also, a few words on finding some normalcy / routine in the kitchen when traveling for weeks (so hard and so necessary for rather structured introverts 🙋🏼). We've been calling these bowls "happy food" and despite looking fancy, they're quick to pull together. 👋🏼, weekend! #bowlboss #sponsored
We arrived home last night to a very chilly house, broken heater, dead car and fruit fly infestation (soooo. not. good.), so taking it in stride today with all the good memories from our family visit. This one from our anniversary, last week, when @samtschick surprised me with a late morning drive to Craftsbury, VT and a really deluxe picnic overlooking the valley and Caspian Lake (this is Barr Hill for all you Wallace Stegner fans, a pivotal spot in Crossing to Safety, one of my favorite books. And the inspiration behind this picnic 💕).
Highlight of the day: learning how to make homemade Lebanese pastries with @samtschick mom. I'm sensing a holiday cookie tin upgrade this year⚡️⚡️.
Boyyyyy we've been away from home a long time now and I'm missing our little Seattle kitchen something fierce. Sitting here in our New Jersey hotel room drinking lukewarm coffee in my Comfort Hoodie (ya'll have one, right? 🙋🏼), dreaming about baking all the fall things soon, soon, soon. First up: these Pumpkin Muffins with (buttery!) Pepita Streusel. 100% whole grain, lightly spiced, super tender. In the blog archives / just search "pumpkin muffins".
Whenever Sam meets someone new, inevitably one of the first questions that comes up in that small talk banter is whether or not they think their partner is funny. Laughter and levity? They're important. And thankfully should someone ask me that same question, I can answer with a 'Hell, yeah'. Happy Anniversary to the best husband, partner, father and friend. Three years 💥💥💥.
Unwinding after an insanely beautiful wedding weekend in Vermont celebrating my sis @mszoekatherine and @thomasalden. The ceremony felt especially like them (🙌🏼🙌🏼, @mollsimms) and I loved spending time with all the smart, funny bridesmaids; meeting new friends and family and seeing Oliver in heaven hanging with all the big kids while discovering the true joys of a parked golf cart (#toddlers). Also: babysitter + my mom, allowing us to have a totally kid free night (which resulted in very poor decisions at the afterparty for which I'm currently paying for). It went too fast. So much 💕. #ToZoeAndTom #letsgoback
On our drive back from the Adirondacks to Vermont yesterday we saw a handful of crimson leaves and signs for cider donuts and, although I was planning to wait a few days to share this with you, I can't help but think: Now Is The Time. So meet this super simple late summer Peach-Berry Corn Crisp adapted from @bonappetitmag a summer or so back. Fresh corn in the topping! Whole grain flour! Jammy fruit for dessert and breakfast! Sam deemed this the best fruit dessert I've ever made - I'm not sure that's entirely true, but it certainly is the best thing I've baked this season. I hope you all like it! Recipe in profile, yo.
We snuck away while O was sleeping this afternoon (my sis was watching him) to check out Donnellys Ice Cream. Took the boat from camp to get the car and join the long line for the last cone of the season before they close for next year. Softest, meltiest soft serve ever and scenic route home to see some of the changing leaves. Summer/ Fall collision (a bit more in my stories, and thanks to @ardenthomesteader for the reminder).
Running around like a crazy lady packing for our (20 day!!) trip tomorrow and in need of quick early desk/lunch fuel. When in doubt or in a hurry, my feeling is just throw everything in a bowl. So today I'm having an end of summer, clean out the fridge edition: @drpraegers heirloom bean burgers + arugula + roasted tomatoes + corn relish and feta with a quick pesto dressing (storebought pesto thinned with a little olive oil). We're ready for you, 12 hour travel day 👶🏻💪🏼 #BowlBoss #sponsored
Waiting for me to come home this evening. Subtitle: waiting for an easy target to quickly manipulate into giving him alllllll the cheddar bunnies. No, but really: this kid fills my heart to the absolute brim. I wasn't always sure I wanted to be a mom, but now the thing I'm most sure of is him, here, the three of us. Thanks to @onewaschrista for the photo, as always. ❤️
Pork kimchi dumplings and s'mores ice cream for dinner. Life could be worse.
Fighting all the 'summer's ending' vibes with these Blueberry Ripple Yogurt Pops - on the blog today and featuring berries we picked a few weeks ago out in North Bend (yes, yes it did take me three weeks to write this post 😩). Perfect healthy-ish late August dessert ✨. Link in profile.
Late August tomatoes, Uncle Brandon's "kid plate" of bacon + moz, a kiddo who sat through much of the meal for once. Home away from home.
Working away on a blog post for these summery yogurt pops, and was hoping to get it to you today but then .... life. So next week we'll popsicle, and in the meantime: happy Friday, friends! (Sidenote: MY CHILD HAS HAIR!) #comingsoon #popsicle #howisummer
Whoa does it feel like humpday today and whoa could I use an ice cream cone ... or two (recipe for this non-dairy fresh blueberry ice cream searchable in the blog archives).
First zucchini noodle salad of the season (I just can't bring myself to say Zoodles) + kind of nice wine + inexpensive sunflowers + eating at a reasonable hour for once. Living the August 8th dream over here ✌🏼.