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  Posted: May 26, 2012 11:50 PM FEED
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A beautiful evening with @latinouaccesss and so incredibly proud of @bossymayra - her first board and an amazing night funding college prep programming for first generation Latino students with college dreams! #visiones #latinou
Guys, the world is all kinds of dark and crazy. Let's party for the good of the Arts! #BRICafterdark is November 8th, features the Illustrious Blacks, @untitledqueen , Meryl Meister and a costume parade from David Antonio Cruz and friends! Become a member of @bricartsmedia and get a free ticket (include food and bar) and access to arts all year! And most of all, it shall be fun!!! (Graphic x @mikeperrystudio) link in bio!
This beautiful lady is truly #40andfabulous today! I'm blessed to have had her badass, brilliant self in my life for 22 marvelous years, and I'm better for it. ❤️u @goriix
So, @dearabalenger put together an insane panel on Actionable Steps in 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico.... I'm going to keep it super real. We are letting our fellow Americans die. Sadly, if not of the storm than of dehydration, diseases and (horrifically) hunger. 22 days later and they are STILL NOT GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED. We had reporters and @rep_velazquez (who have been on the ground there) and the people are still desperate! Getting 6 small bottles of water per family, per day... in only 40% of the island. Some corporations are doing more than their share: tonight we heard from @jetblue @walmart (they have 20 stores up and running already!) @cocacola - I was heartwarmed by their investment in PR and their humanity. But again and again- they can only do so much! We need the might of the military to clear roads with equipment, to transport hazardous generators and fuel. To manage logistics. Puerto Ricans pay taxes, are subject to the draft and can choose to move anywhere in America they wish. And yet some people are not getting any food!!!!!!! Stores, banks, schools remain closed. Please, please tell your representatives that they must keep the welfare of fellow citizens in mind. Please support @hispanic_federation ! They are shouldering much of the burden. Thanks to @bonobos for bringing this together !
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 6:11 PM
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Two things: 1. we were on our way to get salads when we saw they had queso tacos 🌮 2. Honestly, I kind of feel #dumbo famous right now being on the El Super IG ☺️#Repost @elsuperbrooklyn
Mayra n Xochilt doing the El Super dance
#sochill 🌮🌮🌮
We're here til Oct 27th!
Wed-Fri 11:30-3pm @dumbobid
Lunchtime under the archway #dumbo
Other delicious options 💃🕺💃 @chickpeaandolive🥑 @2ndcitybeef🍔 @riceandmisoeveryday 🍙

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#istandwithrose True Story: long ago I was quiered from a job (quit and fired at the same time). My old boss (not the one who quired me) asked me to "one last lunch" to help me "figure out next steps". He came from publishing, and this was loosely advertising and we still had expense accounts (again, old story). I was weighing a job and starting my business and I valued his counsel. He was like an uncle to me, really. As the the lunch wore on, it was clear that was not reciprocal. I was 25, it was summer and I remember exactly what I was wearing (7 Jeans skirt, top from barneys warehouse sale and these rainbow heels from aerosoles- go figure!). Donna Karen would say that I was asking for it. It got gross quickly- in a Michelin star restaurant (again, go figure.) I ran out like the place was on fire. I had just eaten a pea mousse.

I never felt so sick like I did after that. It was my friend's birthday and I remember feeling like I had eaten 10 cotton candies and gotten on a roller coaster. I have thought about that day often over the years, but not more so than the last few days with this Weinstein thing. I have a charmed life, but rain falls everywhere. Worse things than this encounter with my boss have happened to me, BUT few haunt and upset me as much. I cannot even imagine had I been as violated as Rose McGowan or Patricia Arquette or the less famous ladies we don't know. And how many careers were stunted? How much magnificence have we not seen?
If you are still reading, really no need to leave comments about being sorry, etc. this is not a sympathy post- it's a common ground post about a story I really haven't shared. After that lunch, I picked a career path where I haven't really been in this position again and that's been powerful.
What you can do is STAND UP FOR WOMEN. That's what you can do. Don't vote for pussy grabers. Take a chance on women's leadership. Support women owned businesses and candidates and films and books and narratives. Tell your husbands/partners/ mothers/ sisters/ lovers they need to be feminists . This is for the women out there too! Mentor a woman! Help a woman! #bebrave #rosearmy
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 2:07 PM
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Thank you @skaplan9 and John Dewey H.S. For having me out to talk about a career as an entrepreneur! What a great way to reconnect IRL. We've come a long way from the courtyard, bench theft and Junior/Soph SING ❤️❤️❤️
Virtual apple picking courtesy #sprecheniedumbo (best is a prop, FYI)
Congrats @novellanyc on your 1st gathering of this brilliant workshop for women who love to write! Our theme tonight was 1sts. Thank you to the beautiful and talented @roxannefequiere for sharing her story First Gold. And thank you @abbyadesanya for the forum ! Tonight I had a personal first and read a short story I wrote aloud. My listeners were compassionate, and passionate gals. #novellanyc
Posted: Oct 1, 2017 1:41 AM
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Sometimes the world seems like a bad place and then you find out that @titusssawthis REALLY DOES have a Pinot Noir and it makes things seems a little bit brighter...
#BK you can drop off aid to 🇵🇷- diapers, flashlights, batteries, diaper wipes, tampons and pads- here at 55 Hanson Place between 9-6 everyday until 10/5. @tidal is sending a plane and has pick up locations all across #nyc and #nys If you don't know the area, my IG story shows how quickly this errand to help your fellow Americans can get done! #puertorico
Today, I felt that Fall air and thought "Thank God this piece of shit summer is over." And then I thought "It's never completely bad, is it?" When this picture was taken my luggage was lost and I wore this dress for at least 50% of my trip (in front of beautiful, famous people- just to pin the tail on that donkey). My (grand)mother's funeral was three days before. We had lost a lot of money on a risky investment with a bad (new) partner. Our other best friend was tending to her dying father who I adored, and we were in the midst of a do or die project for our new business. HOWEVER, on the other side of things this photo was taken in one of the most beautiful places on earth at a wedding of lovely people with nice friends and our fantastic team and @aabcreates approach that we have built over the 14 years we've had this business. I was wearing a dress because my Bestie took it off her back to loan me after she booked a ticket last minute to comfort me on the trip. I christened my godson Rocco this summer. I saw how much love was in my life both when my grandmother was dying and when she died but also when I celebrated my life. I learned what we don't want to do with our new business @thegateinc and also how to get more of what we do. And as much as "selling" can be tiring as a biz owner, it empowered me with the flexibility to be with everyone I loved when I needed to be there. No doubt this summer was a fucking giant piece of shit.... BUT, it had its beautiful moments. Spotting these moments has been my gift through hard times for my whole life, but also, I think God gives us the bright spots when we most need them. #gratitude #hellofall #fbf
#rideordie My heart is beyond full from the love I've had this weekend!!!!!! This is just the hearts pictured. There is so much more love present and I don't know what I did to get this blessed, so, praises up! Life is hard, but my gosh love makes it worth doing.
Posted: Sep 22, 2017 10:35 PM
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#cake Some things that have gotten me to 40
1. Comparison is a dangerous game that rarely ends well.
2. You can hire a stylist, but you cannot buy style (or taste). You either have it or you don’t. Assess and accept. 3.You’re either the type of person who took the time to put reinforcements on their sheets of loose leaf paper in school, or you aren’t. It’s unlikely you will change types. Own it.
5. There isn’t a happiness pie. 6. Walking away from mediocrity is an underrated talent.
7. Being with the wrong person is actually MORE lonely than being alone.
8. Keep a journal. Revisit it every year or so. Patterns are a bitch.
9. Occassionally being scandalous is never a bad thing.
10. If wine and water have You looking good, don't question it!
11. When people that you love die your relationship with them does not come to an end. Relationships live on planes bigger and broader than the boundaries of mortality.
12. Keep a toothbrush, your makeup and a pair of clean underwear in your carry on when you fly.
13. Unless you are dating a method actor, no man (or woman, I suspect) can keep up an act for more than 90 days. Try your very best to very best to avoid major pronouncements or declarations until you’ve seen if they are the real deal or gold vermeil.
14. Don’t buy shoes or clothes that don’t fit- no matter how good the sale is- the situation always gets worse , not better.
15. No one has ever gone broke because they were a good tipper.
16. You can have a relationship with God without being religious. You can be religious and have no relationship with God.
17. If you live long enough you most likely will find yourself doing the very thing you talked shit on at some point down the road.
18. When you see someone is having a hard time in the world, take some time to be a little extra kind and compassionate.
19. Take your shoes to the shoemaker and your coats to the tailor. It’s worth it.
20. When you find your tribe of people, cherish them. You will know them because they support you, unconditionally