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  Posted: May 26, 2012 11:34 PM FEED
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Happy Aloha Friday! Here's my dad throwing a 🤙 from 1.6 miles away on the bridge of his ship, the #ssmaui #🚢
Future figuring out what slot she likes the best in this new shelf I got at @reusehawaii, w/ bonus Honi strike at the end #futureslots
Happy Monday everybody. Time to chop chop 🤺 Thanks for the video hombre @gardenkritters
Perfect Saturday with a lot of climbing and a lot of dogs. Honi met a giant and then had her first (sip of) beer cause it was her 6 month birthday 🍻! #beerdog
Been a while but finally got back out to end of the road. Congrats to @paulfracolli for the 2nd ascent (and 3rd attempt) of Brock On (12a)! #jumar #12mmstaticlinefromhell #sportclimbing #titanclimbing #boulderinghawaii
Missed the eclipse but caught the sunset, with bonus lightning coming out of that cloud #downtownhonolulu
Mokuleia Friday, arch Saturday, #mokuleia again on Sunday. Lots of fun working Mongoose vs Mountain Chicken 🍗 with good friends. Nows it's time for a rest day, or maybe train 🤔 #callofthemountainchicken #bestchossontheisland #boulderinghawaii
Dinner and drinks with these two awesome amigos tonight to celebrate their new home!!! Our first showing we were almost attacked by a pitbull ... many showings and many offers later, you found the perfect pad. Now you're cruising down Clark street on an electric skateboard! Was an awesome experience closing my first transaction with one of my best friends. Cheers @gardenkritters!! #guacamole #sake #banan #atlanticrollers #malo #beercalories #lyingluke
The pup and the project all in one shot :). Tide made it a little difficult to climb anything else (sea level rise is real). Oh well. Randomly met some cool climbers out there which is always a nice surprise #bouldering #boulderinghawaii ... and congrats to Will for his 2nd try send of Rock Bottom (v9)!!
Everyone in one shot except for the photographer - @fallingeverafter :). Good day watching everyone crush and brushing up new projects like this one. Does it go?? #bouldering #boulderinghawaii #theclimbingshoecompany
Another 4th of July race in the books 🇺🇸. Felt slow but by some miracle we all posted our best times ever. Thanks for the pic and support @fallingeverafter 😘#dahuipaddlerace #miraclecurrent #independenceday