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I believe the weather calls for cozy baby sweat pants 🍁🍂
Growing like a weed!! I can’t believe how big she’s getting already. Stay tiny for ever, love!
That moment when Aunt B arrives and suddenly everything in the world is as it should be 😍
So grateful for friends who bring us food and little girls to play with while taking our pictures 😍 thanks @cali_huber for loving us so well!
I can’t believe you are one week old today!! You have taught us so much already and we are still learning from you every day. Parenting is hard stuff. Learning your feeding cues from your tummy troubles and how long you should sleep versus how often you should eat... it’s a lot to think about. This sweet face make it all worth it! It’s the four of us kid. Me and you till the end of time.
My heart 😍😍 it just is exploding with pure joy. Hi angel :)
Trying to edit these adorable newborn photos before I have a newborn myself!! Seriously my favorite getting to shoot births and then come back to do their newborn shoot 😍😍 Can’t believe how much he’s grown!
We’re just waiting on you Millie Marie to join us in this chair. Please don’t make mama wait too much longer!
We are 38 weeks today sweet one and you are just wrecking us with anticipation. Every day you grow bigger and stronger and mommy can tell you are just as excited to meet us as we are to meet you. You dance for joy when daddy talks to you and when mommy sings her heart out to the 90s throwbacks on the radio (that or you want us to stop...we'll see how you really feel when you come out). We've got our bags packed and ready to go for that special day! As someone said to me earlier this week, "waiting for snuggles is the hardest!" and it's so true. We can't wait for all the snuggles, the joy, the laughter, the tears, the diapers, the hard work, and the love that you'll bring to our family. We love you Millie Marie! You can come any day now :)
Coaches are so important in the process of birthing. Watching someone step up to take hold of the laboring mother when she thinks she can't push anymore is such a powerful moment. These two were no different! So strong and steadfast through it all and we're so glad all three of them are home and doing well! Congratulations Smith Family!
"I sought the Lord and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fear." Psalm 34:4