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Not only was last night cathartic as hell, we raised $1,200 to go to Serenity Scene, and handed out all of the 50+ Narcan overdose kits. I thought that after last night, things would feel a little different, but simply put, they don't to me. However, it felt amazing to be immersed in the loving and supportive/sweaty community that Lunchbox had a crucial part in cultivating. We all needed it. All the performances would have made him proud, and I know that he would have done the same for every single person that was there if the roles had been reversed. After all, almost every show he organized was going towards a great cause, whether it'd be to help a single mother in her custody battle, or to help a deceased friend's family afford funeral costs, selling Black Lives Matter shirts and donating the money, etc. Like I said before, we have big shoes to fill, but luckily there are a lot of us, and I'm grateful for every one. Everyone did such a great job last night and we should all be proud. Additionally thanks to all who have reached out offering their support. Additionally additionally I'll be getting more Narcan soon so anyone who wants some let me know!
Tomorrow marks one time around the sun since I met Lunchbox on a Sunday. Coincidentally, today was his funeral service and TONIGHT we make him proud by celebrating his life in the way he'd want us to- at Snugs surrounded by people who love him and each other and a plethora of amazing bands. I'm honored to play his songs in Exit 17 and @hairbag___ is playing afterwards. All money will be donated in his honor to Serenity Scene, a program in Rifton that is dedicated to helping women addicts. Come out and give a donation, buy a tshirt, and i will be giving Narcan trainings! Love you brother @exit17punx
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After what happened last Sunday I reached out to a few organizations in hopes that I can provide Narcan to people both onstage and off in the music scene. Opioid addiction is a horrible and misunderstood pandemic across the United States, and most people I know wont be attending community trainings to acquire Narcan, so I figured it'd be best to make it as easy as possible for us. I am now an approved Narcan trainer and distributor and will be handing it out for free (of course). I plan on providing Narcan at Lunchbox's memorial show on October 15th at Snugs, and every Hairbag show I play. Anybody who would like some contact me, it's easy to use and you never know when you'll need it, i can give you the rundown in as little as two minutes. Thank you to Tabitha Sieloff of Mosaic Community Services, Monica of Mental Health Association, and Jackie Perez of Hudson Valley Community Services. If anybody would like to become a distributor call Jackie Perez at (845) 476-1198.
PLEASE READ: Tuesday night we tragically lost a truly one of a kind, unforgettable human being. I still can't believe it, it feels so incredibly fucked and unfair. Though this information is very personal and hurts to write, I have full confidence he would want me to share it, so that it could help others and spread awareness, that's what he was all about. Social media feels faker than ever but I write this with the utmost sincerity, and hope this post honors his life, and brings help to others. I never knew Lunchbox outside of his long and successful period of sobriety. I met him last fall and we instantly clicked, as he did with everyone who had the luck of meeting him, I imagine. He was infectious, and had no walls to get through to see the quality of his spirit. He gave all of himself from the instant he struck up a conversation, and unlike the majority of people I've met, he was fucking real and I've never thought or suspected otherwise. Sunday I knew something was wrong when he wasn't at load in for the gig, and his prolonged absence and unresponsiveness continued to worry me- he was always on time and uptight about that kind of stuff, especially at the shows he helped to organize (many of them being benefits for a good cause). A good friend who was there told me what had just happened, and we left immediately to the situation to help him. Lately he had been dealing with a wave of very heavy emotions, we were rushing to the scene of an overdose, I was trying my hardest to stay strong and not burst into tears. I had a drug overdose kit on my lap I had acquired last year containing a miracle drug called Narcan, which reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Narcan is available in EVERY pharmacy in NY state and you do not need a prescription. I never thought I'd have to use it on him. Surrounded by people who loved him, we did everything we could before help arrived. We administered the Narcan nasal spray, and his breathing immediately improved. Though he did not wake up, I believe he was conscious to some degree, as his hand tightened around the hand of his best friend. *Continued in comments*
We're playin a post anti rape culture rally @ SNUGS 5:00 with other sick nasty bands!! This is what Skyboy is doing until then 🖼🖌
And happy birthday today to our regal matriarch, Grandma Tennis 🥞⛪️🎻 #dadsmom
Happy birthday yesterday to the legendary Grandpa Tennis 🎾👹🍩 #dadsdad
Today marks the 47th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's tragic murder, commonly mistaken as death by an accidental overdose. Thank you for continuing to inspire me and making the world a better place with your music and message. If anyone tells you to give up on what your passionate about- just remember that Jimi Hendrix was homeless for five years before being "discovered".
I had a lot of boogers after this trip and not all of them passed thru airport security :/
When u don't respect ur body or the environment and have other people pick up after your piece of shit habit
G-pa unintentionally looking like the grim reaper getting dressed 4 work [35mm]
I #wish I was eating #spaghetti on this mountain than on my grandma's couch no #offense