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#idcapthat best #app ever... download it! :) #popularpage #meme

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I am brave,
I’m alive,
patiently waiting to get what is mine.
I’m blue, skies ⛅️

Love playing @mrcheyennejackson ‘s album. 🙌🏼
Pic taken @ 11:20am while Subbing at El Modena HS today. School was let out 30 minutes early. El Modena HS is now a Red Cross evacuation center. Stay safe friends and family! #canyonfire2
A very happy birthday indeed. ❤️"Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." 💙⚓️✨
Birthday. Serving all the attitude - Feeling all the gratitude.💁🏻‍♂️🤓✨💙 #28 #focusonme
Chased the moon last night. We almost got it @roselvis 🌔🌊✨
#cócteles - with this weather and these yummy libations it feels like we're back in Mexico. 🍹🍸💙⚓️🇲🇽
My best gay is in town. My day was better than yours! 😜👏🏼😊💖🔥💋 #csuf #onceatitanalwaysagay
#tbt Just found these couple pics today! some of my amazing cast from La Mirada High School's production of #LEGALLYBLONDE the musical! I miss all my kids. We were one crazy theatre family! I wish you all the best this new school year @ LMHS, Biola, USC, MIT or wherever you might be going now! START IT OFF STRONG! BOLD CHOICES! LETS GO, PEOPLE!!! 🤣😍💗💞💖💘💝 @bananabel915 @musicnut78 #lazalde #biondi @lmhsarts
#wcw these four. Showing kindness and greatness through word and deed. I love them! And they put up with me. Even when I get mad at their "girls only" picture time. 😤😉😍💜 #foreverbehindthecamera #ButTheyreGorgeousSoISnapAway
Ok, here we go ya'll...
👏🏼 Make 👏🏼 It 👏🏼Count! #thethoughtsimthinking
Happy birthday weekend to this wonderful friend / sangin' fool @matthew.darren !!! 🤘🏼🎶🌈👏🏼💜🎉🍾
Disney songs with soul, huh? My song has soul! Many souls actually. . All of them poor and unfortunate. 🔮🐙🖤👄💜
I believe it 💪🏼💡💙 🙌🏼