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"It should be national boyfriend day every day babe" "I'm not your boyfriend anymore, I'm your fiancé" "You really don't need to post anything" -Quotes by Pat on national boyfriend day. ❤💑
Love ya babe. Can't wait to do the marriage thing with you.
I've discovered pretty quickly that wedding planning isn't for me. It's been a whole 3 weeks and I've already begged this man to run off to Alaska and elope with me more times than I can count. However, no surprise here, Pat has been such a huge support in all this planning chaos. He has done his very best to keep me grounded, love me, and lead me to and in prayer in my frustrations. I am so beyond blessed and honored to be able to marry this man. Nine. More. Months.
#patandtayweddingday 📷 the fabulous @bemk.g
These past few days have been such an amazing whirlwind. I still cannot believe I get the honor of loving and serving with Pat for the rest of my life. I wanted to thank everyone for the endless calls, messages, and comments! Thank you for your support and love! It truly means more than we both could express! We feel so blessed and can't wait to enter into this new journey together!
I don't know if I will ever stop posting pictures from this day! Best day ever! I am so excited to be marrying this man! ❤❤ Also @bemk.g killed it with these photos!
#patandtayweddingday #letsgetthispattaystarted
Five years ago this man told me he was going to marry me. Yesterday, we made it a reality! WERE GETTING MARRIED!
Shout out to @bemk.g for being a sneaky photographer and capturing our moment!
#patandtayweddingday #letsgetthispattaystarted
I got back from vacation and was overcome with so much work that I completely forgot to post any pictures from our trip!
Seeing @kvmoye this weekend was one of the greatest birthday blessings I could have asked for! Regardless of the distance between us or the time spent apart, we can always seem to pick up exactly where we left off. She is such an encouragement and joy to have around. Kari I already miss you and want you back. Thanks for exploring burning joy nurserys with me. I love you 🌻🌿❤
It was truly a very happy birthday. 23 was a beautiful year of growth, but I just have a feeling that year 24 will have it beat. ❤ So thankful I have this wonderful man as well as my beautiful friends & family by my side. Life isn't always easy, but they certainly make it easier. 📷: the amazing and wonderful @kvmoye
I know I'm two days late for your social media birthday post, but life has just been a crazy adventure recently.
HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND! ❤❤❤ Celebrating this man is one of my favorite things to do & I am truly so beyond blessed to have and love such a caring, patient, and kind man in my life.
Pat, this year is going to be a huge one for you! I can't wait to be right by your side cheering you on! I'm so incredibly proud of you! Happy Birthday ❤ love you!
A few weeks ago I had the absolute privilege of working with an amazing team of talented girls and designing an invitation suite for a styled bridal shoot.

I don't advertise myself very often, but designing is something I absolutely love to do! So if you need any invitations, save the dates, logos, or any kind of design, let me know! I would love to work with and create something for you!
Fun fact: I'm absolutely in love with eucalyptus. Unfortunately, I'm also very allergic to it. It's a hard knock life for this eucalyptus lover. 🌿🤦🏻‍♀️
Someone said it's National Best Friend Day. Well shout out to the best of the best. To the kindest, hardest working, most patient man I know. Here's to you 😘 #nationalbestfriendday
I smiled in front of this beautiful wall forever trying to get a decent photo and I wound up preferring the one of me fixing my hair 🙄
These are my Mom's overalls from high school. 🙌🏼
When you find the most magical greenhouse and spend about three hours exploring 🌱
happy happy happy happy happy birthday to my mini me, my cousin, my friend, and my house plant, @alibillow . I would write a mushy caption about how much I love you and how wonderful you are, but you keep face timing me and interrupting me. So I guess instead of a nice caption I'll leave you with an avocado emoji 🥑. Happy birthday doc billow the second. I love you.
Had so much fun working with such a beautiful and creative team on this shoot today! This is hardly even a sneak peak at the beauty held within this styled session.