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misty_moo 281w ago
I'm too white to just bask in this gorgeous weather.

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Fresh lil bebe's ready for me to slaughter.
Lil cutie pouting because people were clapping.
Happy 9th birthday Reese! Where has time gone?
*PJ muttering under her breath*
Me: excuse me? What are you saying?
PJ: that me don't have to listen to you.
This girl is going to be a triple threat.
Seems like it was just yesterday that this was @deshopesmith, @britt_n_b and I. Blink twice and I'm 30.
Not a bad way to end my twenties.
Finally! PJ went potty in her potty chair! Oh happy day!
I made a ginger friend today 💟
Meowica oh meowica, land that I loveee
My pretty little purple prickly friend.
Red as a new born white as a corpse.
Not fit to fuckin tread the ground that I am walking on.
Team America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸