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What in the world did I just read
Up and at it early this morning. I truly love doing updos and styling.
That moment when you become a real life Snapchat filter.
When you win best girlfriend award and sweep your boyfriend away to Chicago for a Hawks game on his birthday. #letsgohawks
You know your dog has separation issues when you wake up to him cuddling you like a person. @pitbullsofinstagram
I get to be in my favorite city this weekend and I'm so excited about it.
Snapchat just makes me look so much better.
It's been a minute since I've posted so here's an old picture in my favorite wig.
Starting my fall crafting early this year. My favorite time of year 🍂💛
Thank you for always answering the phone when I call, for listening to my problems & worries, and for supporting me in everything I do. I'm so lucky to call you mine 💕🐶
Day two of my makeup challenge and my eyes match my hair. I'm not mad about it. #nyx #elfcosmetics #benefitcosmetics
Attempting to actually do fun things with my makeup and learn more along the way. Sorry not sorry for all the selfies I'll be posting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ eyes: @elfcosmetics
liner: @benefitcosmetics
brows: @nyxcosmetics
mascara: @essence
The face @i_timebomb_ makes when creepy guys hit on me and interrupt our pizza time. 🍕💕
pitxmom 10w ago
Follow me on twitter so you can see me post stupid things like this.
pitxmom 10w ago
The internet told me it was #nationalgirlfriendday so shout out to @urban_wasteland for being my hetero life partner.
pitxmom 11w ago
I had probably the most stressful weekend and @i_timebomb_ was here to help me through all of it. I'm so lucky to have someone in my life as supportive as you. Find good people and surround yourself with love y'all. Good company is hard to come by these days.