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It's US, (yes that’s you, you and you! And even me!) versus OUR lack of mutual understanding and ignorance bout something we don’t wanna try to understand.
I will not belittle a man's sexuality and masculinity, and with that too i won't belittle anyone of the fairer sex. Everyone should feel free to be who they are in a safe environment.
"Be excellent to each other, don’t be an arsehole!”
The fifth time is the sweetest!!! THK YOU Lou, Pete, Armand, Craig, Laurens and Noodlez! Have a great tour ahead and see you guys again pretty soon! ✊🏼 #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #sickofitallnyc
I is the ninth and M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet... The rest you can figure it out yourselves. Fuck damn! Came home to this! Way ahead of the actual release date on the 20th. Fuckin’ made my day indeed!!! #mailday #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #ironmonkey #relapserecords #ripjohnnymorrow
And so my bossman Nick Tan turns hardcore today with @sickofitallnyc 😜 Tmr Sick Of It All will kick off their South East Asia Tour 2017 here at EBX Live Space (5, Pereira Rd, #01-02, Singapore 368025) alongside #radigalshc, #theruction and @outforbloodhc!!! Show will kick off at 7pm! Tix at the door will be 55 bucks or get it online for 45 bucks at Be there and witness 30 years of hardcore! #streetnoiseproductions #sickofitallnyc
Public service announcement!!! Just three more days to go before @sickofitallnyc live in Singapore (11th Oct) for the third and this time it’s gonna be a special one cuz it’s the band 30 years of existence. So, pls do take note of the venue changed. It will now be at @ebenexmusic live space. Pls do read below for the full details and a vid by Armand. On behalf of @streetnoisesg we sincerely apologize for any inconvience. Hope to see ya all in the pit!!! —�-
**We are moving over to a new venue which has better lights and stage as well as a fuller sound set-up powered by the good guys at Ebenex Music! Please note that the venue will now be at the following:

EBX Live Space
5 Pereira Road
#01-02 Asiawide Building
Singapore 368025 *HOW TO GET THERE*
From Tai Seng MRT Station, go to Exit A. Then simply take a 5 minutes walk towards venue. *TENTATIVE RUNDOWN*
6.30pm - #RadigalsHC
7.10pm - The Ruction
7.50pm - @outforbloodlchc
8.30pm - Sick Of It All

There will be merchandise (CDs, tour shirts, band shirts, flags, posters etc) so please support all the bands this Wednesday!

Spread the word people! And see ya in the pit! #streetnoiseproductions #sickofitallnyc #armandmajidi
Cuz they’re playing Japan this wkend with friends from @palmjapan tmr night (break a leg or more guys!!! Sorry i can’t be there... ✊🏼) Cuz the stars ain’t aligned that we can’t have them to play here, the least we tried. I bet my arse i will have the chance to see them soon in the near future. As for now, this shall consume me... #nowspinning #integrityband #howlingforthenightmareshallconsume #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #relapserecords
January 2010, Chris Cornell announced to the world that Soundgarden had finally reunited, 13 years following their break up. On November 13, 2012 the band unleashed King Animal their sixth and will soon to be their final to be released before the death of Chris Cornell early this year. A big bright album that was executed with precision. The band might sound older, but with a keener sense of good taste, and it sounds as if they've aged well together, which is a testament to their innate chemistry. While the album might lack anthems of their predecessor, Soundgarden and King Animal deserves to be commended for recapturing that grunge feels pretty well and reintroducing it into today context while not trying too hard. The album aged well and hands down my personal fav other than Badmotorfinger. #nowspinning #soundgarden #kinganimal #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #RIPchriscornell
Occasionally lacking depth (but that doesn’t mean it ain’t great) and brushing aside any preconceptions of the band former self, overall Aeon is undoubtedly a great record in it’s own right. While their debut World Ov Worms was somewhat overated all thx shld go in no small part to certain founding members. A few noticeable change that is apparent here as compared to it predecessor is the extent to which how the band have shed much of their black metal type melodies in favor of more techincal, organic and brutal approach, and with the premature departure of their original vocalist. Jumping back to this again somewhat i wish if only the album was abit longer and hey, that just me. No doubt the album still holds a definite punch after all these years and it ain’t a bad record to begin with. #nowspinning #zyklon #aeon #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinycollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #candlelightrecords
Hi hai! I’m #wednesdaythekittycat otherwise known as Rabu (my Malay name). My daddy rescued me recently from my past abusive owner (i shall not go further on that. You can ask him if you wanna know the full story). I’m much, much happier now with my daddy and his family cuz i’m always got myself surrounded with awesome music in his room and the constant love showered on me. Ohhh, i love Tormentress that local thrash band cuz it always makes me jumpy and makes me running around in circles like i’m in a circle pit. I like to traumatized my daddy by jumping unto his turntable whenever he didn’t notice, i can’t help it seeing that thingy spinning around la and by hiding myself inbetween his records. I always got scolded by doing that but i know he loves me and i love him too. This the face that i always gave him whenever he scolded me. Think i’m gonna sneak into his room now and surprise him when he’s back. Kbye!!!😹#catsofinstagram #catsagram
Immaculate, startling and fully realized artistic statement. It’s unlike anything ever commited to record before or since. For the last fifty years few musicians or performers have created as monumental and uncompromising body of work as that of Keiji Haino. Definitely not for the weak, don’t listen to this if you don’t feel like challenging yourself! #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #keijihaino #watashidake?
Still remains a sorceress that able to conjured up a myriad of emotions... It may be blanketed in both darkness and melancholy then again it is cathartic and addictive all at the same time. Nope, it has never been a depressing experience! #nowspinning @cchelseawwolfe #hissspun #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #chelseawolfe #sargenthouse
The album that opened up my floodgate to everything dark and heavy. 45 years old today and still remain relevant even till today... #vinylofthenight #vinyloftheday #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #onevinylcommunity #chillahwei #blacksabbath #vol4