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  Posted: May 26, 2012 3:59 PM FEED
1 Kelvin

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Read the graphic novel “Snowden.” Holy shit.
In the end, we all want to stand on the right side of history and have our voice be heard. So we rely on artists to make noise bc it sure as hell is not coming from Washington DC.
#senatorchrismurphy never heard of him until now. Whatever fight he wants to have I will write a check and stand with him.
Everyday we all get up, put our pants on and do our thing. It's nice to work with a brand that does something really valuable, like allow you to get clipped on the freeway, get up, and walk away from a potentially deadly outcome. Riding a motorbike definitely keeps the edges sharp, especially in LA where people have little regard for your two wheeled safety. Glad you're alive @kvnpak - don't let the real world win. Get back out there. Keep riding. #morethrottlenexttime #alpinestarsprotects
Unofficial #ojai ad campaign: "come visit and see huge fucking spiders and pick up some hippy acorn flour." #keepojailame
🇰🇵 North Korea missile tests, NFL athlete protests, a divisive US president, end of the world conspiracy theories, white supremacy...and all I care about is narrowing down my Halloween costume options. #shaft, #casino, or #thehulkster ? Happy Saturday ya'll....
Attention world: pls play this song (loud, and preferably on @Sonos) and file your report below. #ilikeit #ilikeitalot #jonathonrichmanandthemodernlovers
My fav 9/11 memorial is far from NYC.
Posted: Sep 12, 2017 12:27 AM
0 Inkwell
Now it's just a picture on my desk that I took walking around NYC one day. Thinking of Pete, Dennis, Steve, Keith, Eamon and the thousands of other souls that left us 16 years ago. #neverforget
#fridayvibes in full effect in Texas. Thx @revivalcycles for the loaner. And thx @markbuche for the future loaner. If you seek the meaning of life, it can be found in the soul of a Revival customized #RnineT. #awitanmademedoit #allgoodinthehood #bmw #rninet
Need to interrupt this feed for a quick product endorsement. @alpinestars Tech Air jacket is next generation and now available in the US, an air bag for motorcyclists that deploys quicker than the blink of an eye. Already in use in Motogp (@marcmarquez93, @maverickvinales25 , @andreadovizioso) and now integrated into jackets for us mere mortals. And as always, good times with the crew from @revivalcycles last night in Austin. These guys are true artists and makers, and I can't wait to see what they do next. Likely, that will involve taking a rare and expensive bike and doing unmentionable things to it. Just need to work on our countdown. Thx @brianawitan + for connecting all the pieces. @beardytroll