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  Posted: May 26, 2012 3:45 PM FEED
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Tried applying the "help yourself before helping your child" rule while snorkelling with you , but we both ended up drifting away instead.😂 Glad that you survived Coral Island to celebrate your 24th birthday today.
Happy Birthday boo! 😘
Not-so-Malang Rocks | 🗻
Never have we ever been so excited to take photos in front of bird poop.
First for everything?
Mandatory Sunset Shots | 🏖
Dropping our summer album titled " Be my Tio, man" with our first single "LOVE with two Ls". Solo songs included as well! #Rappershahirah
Twice the charm! | 👩‍🎓
Timah's advice if you didnt take a nice diploma picture on stage? Take another diploma! Haha second time's a charm I guess and this time, the charm was me! 😉So happy for the memories we made through your last few semesters in NAFA.
Here's to the failed attempts at getting work done at 1am and instead renting each other millions of dollars at 3 in the morning. You did it, boo! Only greater things will come.
Helvetica is your favorite font.
Fatimah is all I want. 😗😗 Xoxo
Could we BE any older? |
Basically a year late cos i ran out of the perfect words to say. All those late night phone calls (cos whatsapp didnt exist back then) discussing Amath questions, crying over our failed English papers and Madrasah projects, and short-lived tuition homework together. I mean, you gotta end up as best friends after seeing each other 7 days a week, right? Thank you for being my rock all these years. Forever my 2 for 1, buddy. It has been an Honour, the Monica to my Chandler. #Geddit
10 YEARS ❤ |
Gotta say I'm pretty lucky to have these beautiful friends inside and out. Through the bad fashion choices and last minute sleepovers, may adult life make us even closer and our love for one another even greater.
Posted: Jul 22, 2017 3:37 PM
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5 GIRLS & A BABY (and another) |
Welcoming Nur's babies as part of our Hari Raya celebration. Casually meowing and peeing their way to our hearts. 😸😺
Alhamdullilah for this journey for the past ten years. I have always dreamt of wearing the robe since K2 and would be in awe whenever we drove past SMU, telling myself "Wow. I have to go there. I need to go there" and now, with the support and sacrifices from Ibu, Ayah and Mummy, that dream has materialised. Will spend the rest of my life finding ways to show my gratitide. Hoping too that Nenek would have been proud of me. Miss you ♡
I am sure that the skills and values SMU has imparted me with, will make me grow into a more humble, thoughtful and gracious person. InsyaAllah. Can't wait to see what the next phase of my life will bring.
Also, thank you to my special bubbles for holding my hand throughout all years. 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓
Posted: Jul 1, 2017 4:37 PM
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Mummy•Ibu•Ira•Mama or rather what ibu prefers, "The Rahman Sisters".
Eid Mubarak from the Abdul Rahmans! Maaf Zahir dan Batin semua. Officially kicked out of the duit raya clan and now on the other side of the queue. Alhamdulillah 😀
Looks like we made it out alive, not in last place AND still friends. Thank you for the bday present @moreoranges. Pretty pretty 📷 by @hamitafyx
Forever scheming for ways to skip the first few steps of Life and get me a baby right away. Let me steal him for a while can, Amati?
If ever two people deserve happiness all year through,
To have the nicest things in life its surely both of you.
If ever you need a listening ear or a helping hand,
Know that you always have us to lean on, your sisters, your best friends.
Happy Engagement Siti. Youre halfway there, sister! Love you always. ❤
Phu Quoc Island |
Five seconds before the regret that came with the bitterness of the coffee (and life). P.s Mum was so close to completing the perfect color scheme for the ride.⚂⚀⚅⚃
and it feels so good ~
Posted: Jan 8, 2017 2:34 AM
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Many congratulations, my dear Rica.💐 I doakan all the happiness in the world for the both of you. Welcome to the family F. Youre gonna love it! Also, Raya QnA sessions have finally been upgraded from "who's first?" to "who's next?" Are yall ready?
When life is so stagnant, it helps to plan for our future endeavours with a loved one. To many more (forever-postponed) dates with you girls.
P.s. get a different-colored tudung, Hazi. Xoxo
Happy happy engagement to my beloved Kak Shils ♡ Thank you for sharing this joyous occasion with us and your kentang balls. Not long before the next Kepak Bing Bing! Love you!
And she's finally back for good! We're ready to take the world by storm... one Cover Letter at a time. Bring it on!
Probably let out a fart few seconds before this was taken... oh how the tables have turned. Happy birthday Ella. I love you with all my heart. #whentheeyebrowsweresioman