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When your friends all graduated from a different school, you crash their reunion. I had a blast with all my Sandite friends! #HonorarySandite #SheDoesntEvenGoHere
I'm convinced if they're going to pull someone up to make them dance, they're going to find the blondest, loudest-laughing girl at the table! If you're in Vegas, I highly recommend Sake Rok if you want a great dinner and hilarious show! We had SO much fun!! #sakerok #LTDinLV #vegas
Time to get our Gala on! (Any gala always reminds me of the Regatta Gala from Friends 😂)
#RFConvention2017 #RFGala #JamesCorden #RachelPlatten
Music is medicine. In the middle of the make-shift memorial for the Route 91 Harvest shooting, I looked up to see this woman playing quietly in the background and I melted. Music has been a catalyst for celebration and healing and every emotion in between for me for as long as I remember.
I know that had convention been last weekend, I would've stayed and been at that concert with my friends. I would've been one of the people who arrived thinking they would dance and sing and feel free and understood for a night. They had a love for music that I understand so well. And now to see this woman playing in their honor, at a memorial in place for their lives that were stolen so viciously.. there is so much hurt and anger and confusion and this woman sat to provide comfort to strangers around her. I put my hand on her shoulder and managed to say "thank you for continuing to play" before my voice broke. So I stood next to her, wept, listened, and prayed. We may not ever have answers for why this happened and I sure don't know the right answer to preventing it. But I pray that whoever she is, she knows the comfort that she's providing and the light she's shining as she plays. Music is medicine.
#vegasstrong #rt91harvest #musicismedicine
So thankful I got to be home for my Smash's shower! A long time ago she asked me if I could give her a "cute side pony tail" and we've been best friends since! I'm so so happy for you and Chad! #ForThisChildWeHavePrayed #Andprayed #andprayed #mamasmash
I had so much fun showering Taylor Nicole yesterday! I can NOT believe you're going to be a mama and can NOT WAIT to kiss those baby cheeks! I'm so thankful I get to be home for these moments! Love you sister!
I could get used to this Stay-At-Home Aunt business! I brought my youngest niece to see my oldest niece at her cosmetology school. Not mad about Friday.
I got to pick this munchkin up from school today! Tomorrow I'll get to have lunch with her at her "big girl wildcat school." So thankful for this time at home and the chance to soak up these sweet, everyday moments with her. She's growing up so fast! #5GoingOn17
The moon in northern Nevada is unreal tonight! I don't think I've ever seen one so giant!
You may be unsure of your next step, but you'll always land right where you're supposed to be.
Cheers to 29 and all the adventures it will hold! Thank you to everyone for all the birthday love! It was quite overwhelming and exactly what I needed! And thank you to my sweet friend Loura for snapping this for me!
I had to steal this snap from @kala.marieee this morning. I can NOT wait to squeeze this little sassy fireball! (And all 57 of the rest of our fam!) Gah. I'm always the most homesick right before I go home. I'm so so so thankful that I'll be home for a while this time! #12days
I loved [literally] bumping into my Nashville fam at the @matchboxtwenty show last night! I'm so glad I got to see y'all! Miss you so much!
HAPPIEST of birthday wishes to one of the baddest that I know and the only girl who just might love Nashville and OU football as much as I do! I knew we'd be friends from the day we fell off the swing in a vineyard lol Love you, friend! I hope your day is a beautiful and sweet as you! Meet me in Nash soon?
Lake Crescent is one of my favorite finds in Washington, even if it is supposedly haunted. 😍
Life is fun. I got to meet one of my all-time favorite musicians @iamstalkingkyle last night after watching @matchboxtwenty put on an incredible show! Thank you, Kyle, for the incredible seats, show, and backstage hangs! And for bringing a little southern hospitality to the PNW! So thankful for my friends/fam in Nashville that made this all possible!