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bumholz 281w ago
My dress...

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bumholz 11h ago
My spring carnival decorations, was pretty happy with myself.
Then I took a video of it and realised it’s nothing to boast about!!! 😂😂 gonna have to add to it!!! 😬
Pug life!!!! So damn cute. I want one 😍
Snapchat photo snaps.... coz why the fuck not?! #itsfridaybitches
Love my slow cooker... and apparently the boys do too!! 💕
Snapchat selfies with my baby boy 💞
Because.... CUPCAKES!!! They're faces though ❤️
Wish I could edit these snap chat pics... don't want that on my nose... 🤷‍♀️
My boys snuggled up in our bed watching movies! 💕
I started preparing a Greek inspired dinner for tonight. 👌 and not long after I got called into work 😔 I'm gonna miss out 😢
Check out the size of the book, Nicholas has decided to tackle !! 😂
bumholz 11w ago
Reading time for my boys ❤️
bumholz 16w ago
Reading in bed.... 💕❤️😘
bumholz 16w ago
Is this chick for reals??? 😂😂😂