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“Green Park” from David Fawcett’s new exhibition, Observations of a London Commuter 🌳 #davidfawcett #london #greenpark
Thank you, @heywood_hill, for saving me a signed copy of George Saunders’s LINCOLN IN THE BARDO (just named the 2017 @manbookerprize winner)! George not only inspires me to write with more imagination, but also to seriously up the ante on my author signature game. ✏️⚡️💫
We’ve had orange, apocalyptic light in London the last few days—with everyone peering up at the sky nervously and asking strangers on the street what on earth is going on. #london #october #ophelia #spooky
October magic—before Hurricane Ophelia blows all the leaves down. 🌬🍂 { stay safe, British Isles! } #london #autumn #leaves
Angels walk among us, in all shapes and sizes. @smileytheblindtherapydog was an angel on earth—a blind therapy dog from my home province Ontario who was born without eyes and spread hope, optimism, joy, and love to so many thousands around the world. Pure goodness with the softest fur and sweetest paws. Joanne George saved Smiley from a puppy mill and was his faithful guardian on his journey of love. Together they accomplished remarkable things and uplifted the hearts of the discouraged, depressed, and desolate—offering us light at what often seems to be a time of unending darkness. During this most challenging year of my life, Smiley gave me much-needed, daily boosts of happiness and courage that helped keep me going. That golden-hearted little fellow became my hero. Thank you for sharing Smiley’s healing warmth and light with the world, Joanne, and helping him stay positive until the very end. We are so grateful for the great gift you have given us and will never forget it. Love and blessings to you and your family as Smiley begins his next chapter, running clear-sighted and free in heaven. #RIPSmiley 🙏🏼✨✨✨ { this is a photo of Smiley and me last year in NYC }
A fall ramble on the heath. Admiring this splendid tree that reminds me of autumn in North America.🍁🍁🍁 #london #autumn #leaves #hampsteadheath
Fall, Friday the 13th, and Gothic Romance.🍁🔥🕸🦇What a haunting and heart-gripping @nationaltheatre production based on Charlotte Brontë’s JANE EYRE. Music is the pulse of the play and Melanie Marshall’s extraordinary voice as Bertha Mason (always singing never speaking) filtered through my dreams last night. Fiery and fresh yet so true to the spirit of the novel. I cried twice and am seriously contemplating buying another ticket. #janeeyre #nationaltheatre #charlottebrontë
Thank you @michaelmatti for taking and sharing this enchanting photo. { all roads in my heart always seem to lead back to New Hampshire.🍁🍁🍁💫 }#newhampshire #fall #nostalgia
Staying true to its name, greening up the gloom on a grey London day. #greenpark #london #october
A wonderful talk tonight @thelondonlibrary by the editors of BEING A WRITER, a collection of wisdom and musings from great writers on the agonies (and joys) of writing life. 📝💥⁉️💫
Beautiful sung Eucharist to celebrate the harvest festival today—the beauty and consolation of this season of letting things go. 🍂🍂🍂✨#london #autumn #mayfair