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Its official. I'm deleting this instagram and making another one. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, I've just got way too many ghost followers. I have 1000 followers, but it doesn't feel like it. I'd rather have only 200 followers, and have them actually like my photos. So like this picture if you still want to follow me, and I'll tag you in my new account. Time to start over! 😊 Thanks loves❤
#photo3 The ends tend to look darker when I take a photo, but they look the same in person. 😯 Oh, well! Dy'a like my shower curtains? 😜
My friend Moriah helped me dye my hair red!!! ☺ There's some on the ends too, but its hard to get it all in one picture. 😝 I'll post another one! #excited 😄
She looked so gorgeous and did amazing tonight!!!!😍~
@lemon_licker_ made this awesome chibi/cartoon of me! Thank you! 😊
Someone kik me? Its the same as my IG username. 😊
My favorite couple and one of my favorite shows❤
I like my new bio. A lot. And I love her^ 💙
Day 30: When did you become a fan of Doctor Who?; When I was 10, its been 5 years now. ☺ 5 Weird and Wonderful years! #doctorwho30daychallenge
Day 27: Favorite Interview; Matt Smith interviews Karen Gillian. Its so cute and funny! But this is just one of my favorites. ☺ #doctorwho30daychallenge Catching up a little here! 😋