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Having @hximin belated birthday dinner with the entire family.
Happy Birthday @hximin, my little girl. A year older, a year wiser. Let's go on more holiday trips, playing and laughing all the way. Love you much!
At the fisherman wharf with @hximin. Goodbye taipei, thank you for all the good food, but I don't think we will miss you in this weather.
My travelling partner for this trip. Minolta camera and @hximin, my best team mate and travelling buddy.
At #tamsui today. Came too early as beitou hot spring museum is closed today. @hximin stop using your phone!
Mandatory shot of the plane's wing. We are back in taipei @hximin.
Thanks @hximin for the anniversary gift! Love it so so much!
When both @hximin and the dog's eyes are the same size.
When the flowers are too fresh to the point the bride eats them.
Our new couple cardholders. BTW I outrank you @hximin, I am King, Daniel of house Tan, first of his name, King of the sandals, lord of the seven soft toys on the bed, protector of my bed room.
Throwback to June when 大姑 was helping me out with my wedding's 过大礼.
Why is it like your birthday today? Little zoo cafe yesterday, rabito cafe today.