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(2012-05-25) Nuevos gustos que te consiguió Admound.

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(2014-04-12) Nice weather to walk around Fashion Island
(2012-09-02) Mrs. Magpayo's delicious homemade food celebrating Admound's birthday.
(2012-07-30) Cutest birthday card! Thanks, Caro!
(2012-08-11) Homemade Taiwanese breakfast before biking. Mike's mommy is so awesome! =)
(2012-08-06) A Thank You card from a client. Great to feel appreciated. :o)
(2012-07-30) Birthday card that my adorable niece Helen made for me.
(2012-07-31) Oreo cheesecake after watching the Dark Knight in IMAX.
(2012-07-30) Best homemade crème brûlée à la Admound. Yum!
(2012-07-29) Perfect for my Pilates and Yoga classes. Thank you, Betti!
(2012-07-29) More birthday goodies! Thank you, Rex!
Ana, en tu próximo viaje a OC traeme esto. ¡Qué rico!
(2012-07-21) Cada vez que veo Fendi, me acuerdo de vos, Pinchucita.
(2012-07-14) Empanadas de espinaca à la Yen. =P