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Pirates & Emperors. Next month.

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Calling all business professionals, civic leaders, designers in all disciplines, this is your event. We’re going to have brilliant local speakers, workshops, as well as some big wigs from around the world like the Design Chief of IBM. We even got @hermanmiller onboard to supply the lounge. Aside from jamming on client work, and relaunching, I’ve been busting ass as the Design Lead for this event / movement this year. I’m supremely hyped to share what we’ve been working on. It’s going to be sooo good. The DFA crew is world-class and I’m beyond happy to call them colleagues and friends. The most exciting part is that this conversation around design-thinking is happening here in SD, and we’re going to be better because of it. Hope to see you in a couple weeks! **promocode: friends**
In relaunching with a fresh round of product later this year, I wanted to breathe more life into what the brand means by documenting people, places, and things that represent Westside Love. Mostly telling stories that will keep me excited about creating and pushing the brand forward, and hopefully exciting fans of Westside Love as well. It's a responsibility and another thing on the to-do's, but it will also give my loved ones and I another reason to travel, to search for new perspectives, and be a great reason to reach-out and meet people across the land (not just over the internet). Here you're looking at 1000-300 year old petroglyphs on the island of Hawai‘i. Besides being a beautiful state, the culture and history is world-class and deserving of more attention. More on the island of Hawaii soon!
I was recently interviewed by the savvy, generous, and downright likable crew based out of Australia, @thedesignkids (you should follow them). I shared how I initially learned photoshop by trying to make a fake drivers license (never finished it), the new Design Forward San Diego conference & movement I’m involved in (very excited to share more about that), and some challenges and disasters working as an artist and design professional (nerve wracking but for the better). Link in the bio! will be relaunching Summer/Fall 2017 🤙
The #BringBackTheBrown campaign I co-founded in 2010, hit a new milestone by snagging the front page of the @sandiegouniontribune Sports section last Sunday. I was asked why it matters to the Padres' brand, and San Diego's identity. Video interview and article in the bio. 🤜🏾🤛 #Padres #Baseball #BrandDesign #GoodDesignIsGoodBusiness #IdeasCreate #SanDiego
Probably the raddest photo of my artwork. Bless the parents of these neighborhood kids. Early garage days of Product Etc with @tonymartinez1010 circa 2010.
I was asked by my good friends at @cloudnineclothing in Sacramento to showcase nine pieces of art that represents my work. We spoke about the art, where it's going, and the intersection of designing, producing, and selling products. Link in the bio 🍻
Finished install w/ scoreboard at the @communitysd "Mi Apartamento," in Barrio Logan. Done in partership with @wearebriefcase.
This piece further opened a dialog / debate in San Diego about gentrification in the Barrio Logan community. Removing the artwork from the debate of saint and sinner, what it says remains a personal value LWP and I share, and hopefully we continue to follow. It reads, "Yeah, we keep score. Not by how much f'in money you make, but how you enrich your community. - Wilmore Goode." While I'm not against making money, there's often more insightful metrics that we may consider when weighing personal, or institutional success. With that said, I'm grateful to have been commissioned, and also involved in extending a provocative, but meaningful conversation.
Earlier this summer I spent 3 weeks abroad in Netherlands, Germany, and France. During my stay I made a calendar, charting memories from each day. Brexit being passed, forgotten passports, encounters with the Berlin Wall, Beuys, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Matisse, finding penis-shaped rocks on the beaches of Nice... You know, things you never want to forget.
Just gonna leave this right here... As a brand consultant, and 1 of the 2 campaign founders, this sure is pretty. @ESPN article link in the bio. #BringBackTheBrown #BackTheBrown #Padres #SanDiego
Our world can be a crazy place, but it’s also an awesome one. Sending out good vibes for the weekend... Be nice out there. #chilloutlooneytunes #solveproblemsdontcausemore #peaceisastruggle