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Left the Subaru benches out last night. This morning a hawk sat on one of them only a few feet from one of our chickens. Subaru brings natural enemies together. #subaruambassador #loveitswhatmakesasubaruasubaru
Apparently Natalie’s doll clothes fit one of the cats.
It’s gift day! First free skate gear and now some seeds, nuts, and shirts from Hawai’i. Thanks @papaov3 @gamaof_3 @sean0344 and @kshaeallen!
Cats are weird. He’s not doing anything weird here. He’s just weird.
Cash will be trying out for the next Elizabethan play at our local college.
One year ago today I was less obese than two months prior but still not my normal weight. I hate steroids. Tomorrow I have to start taking them again. Hooray! Also, this was me moving stuff from our PV house to Chino Valley. It’s been one year since I became a redneck.
Trying to win a free board from @surfboardbroker on 11/1/17. It would be a great birthday gift! #surfpornme
2015 Subaru WRX STi police car. Found it at the dollar store! #subaruambassador #subaru #wrxsti
Cash jumped the barbed wire fence and put a 4 inch gash in his leg. This is a 10-12 inch scratch that extends from his man parts to his chest. I’m glad he only cut his leg. Oh, and we didn’t discover any of it until about an hour after it happened. He behaved completely normal.
I have just as many pairs of @vans shoes as the other three people in my house combined.
Cash felt left out so here he is at the vet, racking up his own medical bills.