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  Posted: May 26, 2012 5:32 AM FEED
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Some Zinfandel I bought at menage a trois in Napa with @lucijaz and @ivanazubonja

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Found a Mustang buddy today! ☺️ There's more of us!
Looks crazy with all the smoke in the air.
Got an award at work today 👍😊
It's been real, Seattle. See ya in a couple weeks for more endless walking. #sorefeet
Here come the Monsoon storms! I'm 😊 for the 🌦️ and 🌈
There's that sun burning up Phoenix... ☀️🌇👎😰
The lighting was so cool on the State Farm buildings!
Awesome time this weekend playing hockey and hitting up Scottsdale! Came out 2-2. Pretty good result for playing at a challenging level. 4 games in 3 days, so I'm pretty sore. Next tournament in 2 weeks!
Installed a new locking mailbox for my mom today. I'm glad I picked a cool day and to do it during the middle of the day 😰
Played hooky from work Thursday and went snowboarding. Powder! It was freezing but awesome. Best spring break 🤗 #azsb