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Regram from @m_p_lu. It was also pouring rain at the time. Not pictured: how close I was to barfing.
This bag of @zabcafe was on the shelf at @cafeplume yesterday, so let’s give it a try.
Watching yesterday’s DVV trophy Ronse and makin’ pie.
Proof that I cyclocrossed today. Also pictured: one of the dozens of ladybugs that landed on me today.
It’s pretty pleasant, as autumn mornings go.
Blueberry galette is a good, easy way to use up the leftover pie crust.
It always takes me a while to remember how to write properly (1st photo) when I switch to a pointed pen. Also, lie de thé (1st photo again) is a wonderful, deep ink in person. The photo doesn’t even remotely capture it.
The drive home. Hot air balloons always remind me of someone…
First wool under-hoodie-shirt of the fall.
First day back at the gym after 3 weeks face. 😐
She doesn't like going to the vet, but she loves her carrier, so I thought I'd keep her company.
'Tis the season—for pie. Chicken pot pie for dinner and an apple galette for dessert.
It's late, but maybe I'll get a chapter in. Long time since I've read this classic.
I was gonna go out for an easy recovery ride, but I ran into @mimiestitch and she was training so hard I couldn't slack off.
Breaking news: I have one ripe cherry tomato.