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My favorite time to take pictures of max is when he is SO TIRED because I can actually get him to sit still... And I think his blank stares are just the funniest things ever.
Compare them/contrast them 😆😘😝 love you Zac!
Left the room for one minute and came back to home boy sitting up in his swing. #soitbegins
Four months! Max's personality is beginning to shine. He loves to make us smile, still grips my fingers when I give him a bottle, is flipping from back to tummy with ease and has mastered the art of blowing spit bubbles. I love, love, love him.
😍😍😍love my Thursdays with my maxy😍😍😍
He may have screamed for over 3 hours straight last night and most of the morning but I mean he can just do whatever he wants when he is just this damn cute.
Keeps me up all night and then passes out on the couch first thing in the morning. 🙄
I just want to point out that the three @communitybldrs directors are clearly the most insane looking people in this picture. #accurate
Mommy and Daddy got out for a little solo adventuring time today thanks to @darlenetenebrini 😍💘💥
Today is this joker's centennial - 100 DAYS OF MAXWELL. He rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time today to celebrate.