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  Posted: May 26, 2012 4:11 AM FEED
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Doing homework wishing I was at home with smiling grandmas & drooling babies, sitting around a fire after pretending I'm good at darts with my cousins. It's only Monday & I'm tired (send coffee or wine or Taco Bell please)
We went to the Monterey Museum of Art yesterday & I was inspired to take pictures of my cute friends. Note to self: stop letting the camera collect dust #HappyFriday
The munchkins aren't so little anymore but just keep getting cooler & cooler 😎💛
Just a lil reminder to do the following: listen more, be a fountain not a drain, offer help when you can, show your appreciation, give more than you take AND HAVE A GOOD DAMN DAY. 💛✨ #HappyThursday
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 9:31 PM
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Step by step, inched my way down the line but don't be fooled. ILL GET IT ONE DAY! #HappyTuesday
Me: let's hang out
Work & School: HA YOU'RE FUNNY, you have sh*t to do
I'm thankful for days off spent in a hammock between classes & dinners in fancy restaurants with good company 💛✨
I'm happiest in the library when with snacks (not math homework, boo the math homework)
Any day spent drinking wine + champagne & eating Hot Cheetos + ice cream (while playing zilch, duh) is GREAT but yesterday was even better because we celebrated YOU! I hope 24 is a beautiful year, friend! Thankful for you 💛✨
Chasing the dream one art class at a time #cosmo #blessed
I love & miss everything about this place. Twelve hour visit at home to remind myself how rad my parents are 💛✨ #BrokenL
I ended my day at the library but LOOK AT THE GOOD DAY I HAD BEFORE!!
First of many library dates with this beaut 🤓💛👏🏻 (saw my first raccoon tonight, I am not ready)
Posted: Aug 25, 2017 5:45 PM
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Good morning at the park with some goofs, Happy Friday!
A busy weekend (thank you concours) left me no time to share my excitement over my buddy finally moving to Monterey for school!!!!! CONGRATS MORGAN! Can't wait to see you! 💛 So excited to get toasty with you here, ps we were spoiled with $5 wine tastings in Lodi #baked
Another 24 hour stay in my favorite place, all the homies in MB have seen the Broken L. My heart is full. ✨
IT'S MY MOMMA'S BIRTHDAY! Crushing this whole mom thing since day one. Look at those bangs & oversized tee, one hot momma with a baby on her hip. Thank you for being my own Wonder Woman to look up to, I love you. 💛